This fruit is very enchanting, the price is only 5 rupees, consuming it will increase the age, not old age, hair will also become thick

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Badhal is known as a medicinal fruit in Ayurveda, which is also known as Monkey Fruit, Artocarpus Lakucha, Dheu.
This rainy season fruit is available in the market for Rs.5 only. Its use keeps the stomach clean and boosts energy in the body.

Benefits of Badhal: If you look into Ayurveda, you will find that there are many such fruits, which are full of medicinal properties. People are aware of some of these, but many are slowly going into the darkness of oblivion. The name of one such miraculous fruit is Badhal. It is also known as Badhar, Monkey Fruit, Artocarpus Lakucha, Dheu, Lakuch and Dahe. Badhal of irregular shape comes from the family of jackfruit, but its taste is sour and sweet. This fruit is available only in the rainy season. As the fruit ripens, its color changes from green to pale yellow and brown with pink tinge. The price of Badhal’s fruit in the market is only Rs. 5, but it is considered to be a storehouse of medicinal properties. Its use keeps the stomach clean and boosts energy in the body. Ayurvedacharya of Balrampur Hospital Lucknow Dr. Jitendra Sharma Let us know about the health benefits of Badhal-

Badhal is full of these miraculous qualities

According to experts, Badhal or monkey fruit is rich in zinc, copper, iron, manganese, vitamin C, beta carotene, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. Consuming it regularly gives relief from body heat. Along with this, it also works to give freshness to the liver. Not only this, not only the fruit of Badhal, its seeds are also considered effective for health. However, eating Badhal in excess can also be harmful.

7 miraculous health benefits of Badhal

Keep the liver healthy: Badhal is considered to be the most effective fruit to remove liver related problems. According to experts, Badhal has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties which take better care of the liver. You can consume it both raw and cooked. Regular consumption of this reduces the risk of liver related diseases.

Make skin young: According to experts, Badhal fruit is rich in anti-oxidant properties, which works to protect the skin from wrinkles. It is also considered effective in getting rid of problems like skin wounds, skin ageing. For this, dry the bark of Badhal tree and make powder. After this, by applying it, the wound heals quickly. By using this, your age will increase but the skin will look young.

Improve digestive system: The digestive system remains healthy by consuming Badhal. It also provides relief from indigestion and constipation that occurs during the rainy season. For this, after drying the seeds of Badhal, its powder can be made. After this, you can use this powder if you are troubled by indigestion or constipation. This fruit is rich in fiber. In such a situation, if you want, you can eat it directly.

Relieve Stress: Consuming badhal or monkey fruit also helps in relieving stress. According to experts, the nutrients present in Badhal balance the blood circulation and keep it tension free. Eating this miraculous fruit regularly gives coolness to the mind, which reduces tension and stress level. You can eat it both raw or cooked.

Improve blood level: Consuming Badhal improves the blood level. According to experts, iron and other nutrients present in Badhal are considered effective in meeting the deficiency of hemoglobin in the body. If you eat Badhal regularly, then anemia, a disease caused due to lack of blood in the body, can also be avoided. Apart from this, the nutrients present in this fruit also work to purify the blood.

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Beneficial for hair: Badhal fruit is considered very effective for hair. Let us tell you that it is rich in Vitamin A and C. These vitamins act as a tonic for the hair. Regular use of Badhal brings life to dull and discolored hair. This makes the hair strong and thick.

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Increase eyesight: Consumption of monkey fruit is also considered miraculous for the eyes. Let us tell you that due to the abundance of vitamin A in the fruit of Badhal, the light of the eyes becomes sharp. A diet rich in Vitamin A can also help in keeping diseases like night blindness at bay. You can consume it in any form.

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