World IVF Day 2023: IVF treatment is done by these methods, expert told important facts

By Divya Ray July 25, 2023 10:46 AM IST


In Vitro Fertilization is called IVF in short.
IVF treatment is mainly done in three ways.

World IVF Day 2023: It is the dream of every couple that their house also echoes with laughter. But many people’s desire to become parents is not fulfilled and in such a situation, they resort to IVF treatment to fulfill their dreams. In such a situation, childless couples should have complete information about IVF. Here we are giving detailed information about IVF treatment of Indore. Dr. Sunita Chauhan of Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital (Consultant, Obstetrics & Gynaecology).

Why is there a problem of infertility?
Many people in the country are struggling with the problem of infertility. In fact, fertility is affected due to irregular lifestyle and carelessness in eating, while many people have to resort to IVF due to delayed marriage and lack of sperms (Male Factor) and many other reasons. Many times many couples get disappointed despite getting many types of treatment, in such a situation only IVF treatment can work as a new hope for their life.

What is IVF Treatment?
The full name of IVF process is In Vitro Fertilization, with the help of which women deprived of child happiness get the pleasure of becoming a mother. Women who face any kind of problem in conceiving, they are generally advised to take IVF treatment. IVF treatment is done in three ways, let us know about these methods-

Natural IVF
Natural IVF is also called Natural Cycle In Vitro Fertilization. Stimulation is not used in this. Natural IVF is a great option for women who cannot spend much. In natural IVF, the egg is collected and mixed with the sperm of the man, from which an embryo is formed and it is then implanted in the uterus. In this, for women who have high FSH level, this method of natural IVF can be effective. However, it is sometimes difficult to succeed due to the creation of only one embryo. In this process, the risk of failure of embryo formation is high.

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minimal stimulation ivf
In Minimal Stimulation IVF, a healthy egg is prepared by feeding medicines to women. In this process, menstruation of women is not stopped and due to this, more eggs are produced in the ovaries. In this process of IVF, however, there is also a risk of Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome.

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Conventional IVF
Conventional IVF treatment is done in a traditional way. Fertility is increased by mixing egg and sperm. Usually this method of IVF is used the most. In conventional IVF, by stopping the periods of the woman, the ovaries are stimulated to produce eggs through injections. In this process 2-3 embryos are selected for implantation. The chances of conceiving are higher in conventional IVF. Sometimes diagnostic hysteroscopy and laparoscopy are also needed to see the uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes before IVF.

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