The risk of pigmentation increases after the age of 20, adopt 3 home remedies, the skin will be protected from spots

By Divya Ray July 25, 2023 7:45 AM IST


By protecting the skin from the sun, you can remove the fear of pigmentation.
Lycopene is found in tomatoes which can prevent skin damage.

How To Prevent Skin PigmentationEveryone wants a spotless skin. But even after all the efforts, the effect of age starts falling on the skin and black marks start forming on the face, hands etc. There can be many reasons for this. It can also be called age spot, liver spot, melasma, pregnancy mark. But if you protect your skin from the sun and protect it from external damages, you can still work to keep your skin spotless. Not only this, there are some home and natural remedies which also work to reduce the effect of pigmentation on the skin. Here we tell you how you can remove the problem of pigmentation on the skin.

Tomato paste – British Journal of Dermatologists In a research published in the year 2011, it was found that lycopene is found in tomato which works to protect the skin from long term short term photo damage. In research, 55 grams of tomato paste mixed with olive oil was used daily for 12 weeks.

Masoor Dal Pack – Healthline According to experts, antioxidants are found in plenty in lentils, which helps in removing hyperpigmentation. For this, leave 50 grams of masoor dal in water overnight and make a paste out of it. Now apply it on the face for 20 minutes. Then wash with normal water.

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use of milk With the help of milk, buttermilk and even curdled milk water, the problem of skin pigmentation can be removed. The lactic acid present in it works to lighten the skin. For use, take a cotton ball and dip it in raw milk and apply it on the stain twice a day. The effect will be visible in a few days.

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