Have you ever boiled coconut with copra? Try this time, the best dish will be ready, watch the recipe in the video

By Divya Ray July 25, 2023 7:03 AM IST


Try Coconut Custard to satisfy the craving for sweets.
To taste the taste of this unique recipe, boil coconut.

Coconut Custard Video Recipe: You must have been eating raw coconut often. So on the other hand, custard must have been eaten many times as a sweet dish, but this time, to taste the combined taste of these two, you must also try the best recipe of Coconut Custard video recipe. While the recipe for making coconut custard is very unique, the taste of this dish is also amazing. Let’s know about the recipe for making Coconut Custard.

Let us tell you that this recipe of coconut custard is unique because to make it, you have to boil the coconut along with the shell in a cooker. This recipe of Coconut Custard has been shared by Instagram user (@goblet_honey) through video on his account. Let’s know about this wonderful and super tasty recipe for making Coconut Custard.

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Ingredients to make Coconut Custard
To make coconut custard, take 1 fresh coconut, 2 glasses of water, 600 ml milk, 1 pinch of saffron, 2 teaspoons of vanilla custard powder, 5-6 tablespoons of sugar or jaggery powder, chopped dry fruits for garnishing.

Coconut Custard Recipe
To make coconut custard, first of all, take out the water by puncturing the point made in the coconut. Then heat two glasses of water in the cooker and put the whole coconut along with copra in the cooker and cover it. Now put two whistles in the cooker and turn off the gas. Then cool the coconut and separate it from the shell, peel it and cut it into small pieces and put it in the jar of the mixer. Along with this, mix one bowl of milk and four to five spoons of sugar along with coconut. (If you want, you can use jaggery powder or sugar free instead of sugar) Now grind the coconut and make a smooth paste out of it.

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Then put two cups of milk in a pan and keep it warm and mix a pinch of saffron in it. On the other hand, take milk in a bowl and prepare a mixture by adding two spoons of vanilla custard powder to it. Keep in mind that there should not be lumps in it. Then add this mixture to the milk being heated in the pan and cook for three to four minutes. After this add the paste of grated coconut to the milk and stir well. Let it cook for two minutes, then turn off the gas and keep it to cool. Your Coconut Custard is ready. Finally garnish it with dry fruits and enjoy coconut custard.

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