Eye Flu: People scared of ‘red devil’ in the eyes, patients increasing in hospitals, know the symptoms and methods of prevention

By Divya Ray July 24, 2023 5:11 PM IST

Vishal Jha / Ghaziabad. Eye problems have started increasing in the monsoon season. There is a hue and cry because of this red devil in the eyes. Actually, this problem is called conjunctivitis. There is a huge crowd in the OPD of both the district hospital or private hospital. An advisory has been issued by the Ghaziabad Health Department regarding the increasing number of patients.

Along with the CHC present in the district, patients of eye flu are also reaching the UPHC daily by the health department. Ghaziabad’s Chief Medical Officer Dr. Bhavatosh Shankhadhar has sent more than 5 thousand eye drops to district hospitals as well as health centers. Manoj Chaturvedi, CMS of District MMG Hospital, told that 30% of patients in OPD are reaching due to eye pain.

what is conjunctivitis
Ophthalmologist Dr. Narendra Kumar of District MMG Hospital told that there is a transparent thin membrane, conjunctiva, in the eyes. Which covers the inside of our eyelids and the white part of the pupil of the eye, inflammation or infection in it is called conjunctivitis or conjunctivitis. When the tiny blood vessels of the conjunctiva swell, they become more clearly visible and the white of the eye appears red or pink. The problem of conjunctivitis can be due to bacterial or virus infection or allergic reaction in the eyes.

symptoms of conjunctivitis
, red swollen eyes Due to this problem the eyes become red. Swelling also occurs in the upper layer of the eyes. Due to which there is pain and many times continuous water comes out.

, burning or itching of the eyeOften you would ignore the burning sensation in the eyes, but it should not be done in the rainy season. In case of eye irritation, wash thoroughly with water, if there is no relief, consult a doctor.

, Whitening of the skin around the eyes In many cases, turning white on the skin around the eyes is also a sign.

save like this
* Washing hands before touching the eyes reduces the risk of infection. Keep distance from the infected person and do not shake hands at all.

* Wash with clean water in case of eye irritation and redness.

* Do not take dirty hands near the eyes, do not scratch the eyes.

* Make sure to wear glasses on your eyes.

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