Do you lift too much weight in the gym? Small mistake can become fatal, know 5 things before lifting barbell

By Divya Ray July 24, 2023 5:00 PM IST


Heavy weight barbells should not be lifted in the beginning by going to the gym.
You must have a fitness trainer while lifting barbell.

Weight Training Tips For Gym: The trend of doing gym is increasing rapidly in the country. Craze about gym can be seen in the minds of the youth. Most people try to lift weights while doing gym. They think that the more weight they lift, the stronger they will become. However, lifting excessive weights in the gym can be dangerous. Recently, a dreadful case has come to the fore from Indonesia. 33-year-old Indonesian fitness influencer Justin Vicky died while lifting a 210 kg barbell in the gym. He was trying to lift the barbell when the barbell fell on his neck and he died. So far, many such cases have come to light all over the world, where people lost their lives or were seriously injured due to lifting extremely heavy barbells. Today, we will know from the fitness expert that how people should lift weights in the gym, so that they do not get harmed.

Dev Singh, trainer at Fortier Fitness Academy, Noida According to this, to prepare yourself for body building, practice is needed for a long time. This takes many years. Nowadays, by watching videos on YouTube and other social media platforms, youth try to build a perfect body in 3 to 6 months, which can be harmful for their body. Most people think that an attractive body can be made in a short time by doing intense exercise and lifting excessive weights, but doing so causes huge damage to the body. Everyone should do all the exercises in the gym according to the capacity of their body. Many people try to lift barbell more than their capacity in enthusiasm, which is dangerous. There is a process for everything in the gym, which is very important to follow. Sudden intense exercise can cause harm.

start with low weights

Fitness trainer Dev Singh says that lifting barbell is also an exercise. The exercise done with barbell is called chest press. Whatever be the exercise, it should be started lightly. Lifting the barbell should be started with less weight. Your fitness trainer can tell about the right weight by analyzing your strength. With the body’s capacity, flexibility, strength and time, you can gradually increase the weight. This rule applies to all exercises. First of all, posture correction is very important for lifting barbell. If the posture correction is not correct, despite that, if you lift more weight, then you will become a victim of injury. Weight lifting should be done according to the limit of the body. For this, right guidance is also necessary. Gym should always be done according to the instructions of a qualified physical trainer. 3 or 6 months is not right for body transformation. It takes a lot of time.

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Take these 5 precautions while lifting barbell

Start with a light barbell as per the instructions of the fitness trainer. Lift weights based on the strength, limit and capacity of the body.

Whenever you lift the barbell, there should be an instructor around you. If the weight is too much, then 2-3 people must be with you.

Do not try to lift more weight than your capacity. This puts your body at risk of serious injury. Do not be negligent in this at all.

While lifting the barbell, pay full attention to it and do not make any mistake. In case of falling of barbell, immediately inform the trainer.

– If you lift barbell at home instead of gym, then you can hire a personal trainer for yourself or take proper advice from them.

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