Eye Flu: Infection is happening in the eyes! Avoid becoming a doctor yourself…otherwise there can be a huge loss

By Divya Ray July 24, 2023 4:19 PM IST

Vishal Bhatnagar / Meerut. The manner in which diseases arise after the rainy season. Everyone seems to be suffering from it. These days the patients of eye infection are increasing in Meran, from children to the elderly are suffering from it. All are reaching out to eye specialists for treatment. Every day 300 patients reach the Ophthalmology Department of Lala Lajpat Rai Medical College for their treatment, but this number has crossed 450 after increasing infection.

In a special conversation with Local 18, Dr. Lokesh Kumar Singh, an ophthalmologist working in Meerut Medical College, said that such problems are seen in the eyes after the rains. In such a situation, if there is redness in the eyes of a person or there is a problem like pain and prick, then he should not be negligent at all. Immediately start your treatment by showing it to an eye expert. So that this problem can be solved soon.

Problems can increase by becoming an expert yourself

Dr. Lokesh says that if treatment of eye infection is done by showing it to the expert in time, then it gets relief in 10 to 15 days. But becoming an expert by yourself, if you are doing treatment by buying medicines from the medical store, then it can prove to be fatal for your eyes. That’s why don’t become a doctor yourself, rather get your eyes treated by showing them to a doctor.

keep these things in mind
If you want to keep your eyes clean, then care has to be taken for that. For this, you have gone out for some work, do not touch your eyes at all, go home and wash your hands properly and if redness is visible in your eyes, then immediately wash them with clean water and use clean towels for that.

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