Street Food: People of Jaipur fell in love with Asafoetida Kachori of Mandalji, spicy green chutney enhances the taste

By Divya Ray July 24, 2023 3:50 PM IST

Ankit Rajput / Jaipur. By the way, you will find Kachoris to eat at every street and intersection of Jaipur. But, when it comes to the special quota of asafoetida kachoris, the people of this place head towards Mandalji’s shop in Chandpole, Patna. People wait for hours to eat Mandalji’s Kachori. The taste doubles when green chutney is added to their asafoetida shortbread. Patna’s Palan Mandal has been making Kachoris in Chandpole market for the last 17 years.

Supply is till Delhi-Punjab
Mandalji’s shop opens at 4 in the morning and at 7 o’clock you will get Kota Kachori of Hing flavor here. A crowd of people gather here for Kachori since morning, which lasts till 9 pm. Their kachoris are supplied to Haryana, Punjab, Delhi and Bihar. Kachoris are sent to these states every week. The cost of one kachori is Rs.10.

this is the secret of taste
Special spices are added to Asafoetida Kachori, which is different from a normal Kachori. To make it, urad dal, gram flour, flour is used and kota black pepper, asafoetida, red chili, clove, green coriander, turmeric powder and hot ground spices are added to which many spices are added. With all these spices, its taste becomes wonderful and it does not spoil for many days.

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