If you don’t eat sugar for 1 month, what will be the effect in the body? Know the advantages and disadvantages from the dietician, how much should be the daily intake of sugar

By Divya Ray July 24, 2023 3:19 PM IST

What Happens in Body When You Give Up Sugar: Whatever you eat and drink daily, it has both positive and negative effects on the body. If you eat anything in limited quantity then it will be beneficial. At the same time, if eaten in excessive quantity, it can also cause harm. Then whether it is fruits, vegetables, meat-fish, salt, sugar, any food and drink. Often some people like to eat more salt in food, while some like to eat more sweet things. However, if you consume too much sugar in a day, it can cause many problems. Talking about refined sugar, brown sugar, they are not at all beneficial for health. Have you ever thought that if a person does not consume sugar for a month then what will happen in his body? Will not eating sugar be beneficial or harmful? What should be the intake of sugar in a day? elaborates on Sumaiya A., clinical dietitian at Fortis Hospital (Kalyan, Mumbai).

What will happen if we do not eat sugar?
Clinical dietitian Sumaiya A says that if we do not eat sugar, it will not harm the body, but doing so will have many benefits. You may lose weight because sugar is high in calories. Your body can be saved from many types of diseases like diabetes, obesity etc. You can avoid swelling or inflammation inside the body. Your teeth remain healthy due to the habit of not eating or eating less sugar. If someone has sugar, heart disease, then the consumption of sugar should be reduced. Some people have a lot of craving to eat sweets. When they see anything sweet, they cannot control themselves. There is a kind of addiction towards eating more sweets. This is not good for your health. When you don’t eat sugar for a month, you can get rid of this habit. Many types of physical problems can be avoided.

Will there be any harm if we don’t eat sugar at all?
If you do not eat sugar at all, then there will be no harm to your body. Mainly refined white sugar, brine sugar all are unhealthy. No Chinese eats directly like this. It is used in tea, coffee, sweet dishes, drinks etc. In such a situation, you can also take sugar substitute like eat dates, fruits. Natural sugar will be obtained from them. They do not harm the body, because they are in natural form. Yes, those people who do not have any disease can eat honey and jaggery, but those who have diabetes, consumption of jaggery, honey and sugar only harms them. In this case, consume them in very limited quantity.

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Excess consumption of sugar can give many diseases
Today’s people, especially the youth, do not have any control over their food. Eating anything anytime, unhealthy processed foods, sugary drinks, more cookies, pastries, sweets etc. are causing heart related problems. Weight is increasing, due to which there is a risk of obesity, diabetes.

How much sugar should be consumed in a day?
If you like sweet food very much, then you should consume only two to three teaspoons of sugar throughout the day. It can cause more harm than this. This quantity is only for normal people, but those who have diabetes, they should remove sugar and sweet things from the diet, that is right for them. Even if you take sugar, then only one small spoon should be daily intake. If you can avoid it then it will be very good for your health. Heart, kidney, diabetes patients need healthy diet, nutrients more. If such people eat more sugary things then there will be more negative effect on the body. The problem of inflammation in the body can increase. You can take two to three teaspoons of sugar.

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