Cooking Tips: Don’t like homemade Khichdi? Make Tasty in 4 ways, family members will eat it on demand

By Divya Ray July 24, 2023 2:03 PM IST


It is very important to apply tadka full of flavor to the khichdi.
Always roast potatoes and cauliflower in Khichdi.

Khichdi Seasoning Tips: Consumption of khichdi is considered very good for the stomach. It is easily digestible and also keeps away the problem of digestion. It contains abundant nutrients, which makes it healthy in every way. However, in some households, the taste of khichdi is very bland, due to which many members of the household do not like to eat it. However, with the help of some tricks, Khichdi can be made tasty. Here we tell you how you can make the taste of khichdi more flavorful and tasty with simple methods.

Make the taste of Khichdi tasty in this way

use good rice
Whenever you make Khichdi, use good flavored rice. If you use coarse or old rice for khichdi, then the taste will not be good. While the use of rice like Basmati or Govindbhog can greatly enhance the taste of the food.

use of plenty of vegetables
If you make plain khichdi and do not like its taste, then it would be better to use different types of vegetables in khichdi. For this you use beans, potatoes, cabbage, peas etc. This will not only work to enhance the flavor of Khichdi, it will also make it healthy.

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Roast Vegetables
If you are putting potatoes or cabbage in khichdi, then roast them in hot oil after washing them thoroughly in water. Vegetables will increase the taste of khichdi as soon as they are roasted.

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Experiment with Tadka
To enhance the taste of any khichdi, pay special attention to its tempering. You must add ghee, asafoetida and cumin seeds to the khichdi. Apart from this, if you are making khichdi with lentils, then the tadka of onion and garlic goes very well in it. In this way, you can easily make and serve the window very tasty and healthy.

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