Rajasthan Jhunjhunu After Daughter Birth Whole Family Dance Unique Way to Warm Welcome for New Born Baby

By Priyanka Tiwari July 26, 2023 2:10 AM IST


Unique welcome of new born daughter in Jhunjhunu
The relatives said that this is not a daughter but a form of Lakshmi.
The perception towards daughters is changing in the society

Krishna Shekhawat

Jhunjhunu There was a time in Rajasthan when daughters were considered a burden. There was no happiness but mourning on his birth. But today the situation has changed. Today daughters are not a burden but the pride of the parents. There is no mourning but happiness is celebrated on his birth. Today, in the marriages of daughters, bindoli is taken out by making them sit on a mare. Every small success of his is celebrated like a festival. Now the difference between daughters and sons is not understood in the society.

Something similar has happened in Jhunjhunu district of Shekhawati. There, when a second daughter was born in a family, there was a lot of celebration. A carpet of flowers was laid at the entrance of the little angel’s house. This case of excessive celebration on the birth of a daughter is from Bissau area of ​​Jhunjhunu district. Recently another little angel has been born in the family of Hemant Dhayal, a resident of Bhikhansar, a small village here. Due to this there is happiness in the whole family. The whole family is swinging with happiness. The daughter was welcomed in a unique way.

Sing auspicious songs to welcome daughter
After the birth of the daughter, the relatives decorated the whole house with flowers. When the daughter came home from the hospital, the family spread a sheet of flowers like a carpet on the ground from the main door to the inside of the house. The women of the family sang auspicious songs to welcome the little girl. Hemant’s relatives say that daughters are the form of mother Lakshmi. That’s why we are so excited after the birth of the baby girl. After performing aarti, the daughter was made to enter the house.

Daughters are as important as sons for our society.
He said that this is the form of Maa Lakshmi. Because of this, their footprints of vermilion and rolls have also been installed at home. Through this, an attempt has been made to convey the message that daughters are as important as sons for our society. The girl’s father Munesh Dhayal said that today people consider daughters as a burden. But it is nothing like that. Daughters are born with clenched fists like sons and laugh and play like sons. Illuminates the name of her parents and country. That’s why daughters should not be considered a burden.

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