Opinion: Peace efforts are going on in Manipur, opposition parties should not do politics on this

By Priyanka Tiwari July 26, 2023 1:42 AM IST


Center wants peace to be restored as soon as possible, Home Minister Amit Shah is making every possible effort.
The government is working on a three-pronged approach to restore peace in Manipur.
There is a need that the opposition should discuss those main issues so that the problem can be resolved.

Manipur Most of the opposition parties, including the Congress, are adamant about PM Modi’s statement in Parliament regarding the violence. Whatever happened in Manipur is unfortunate. Prime Minister Modi himself has expressed grief over the vandalism with two women of the Kuki community. He said, ‘My heart is full of pain and the guilty will not be spared.’ Manipur Chief Minister N Biren Singh said, ‘We are condemning it across the state, both in the valley and in the hills. The people of the state consider women like mother. Some mischievous elements have tarnished our image by doing so. CM N Biren Singh even said that the possibility of giving death penalty to the culprit in this case will also be considered.

The Center wants peace to be restored as soon as possible, for which Home Minister Amit Shah is making every possible effort. The Home Minister has constituted a peace committee of citizens. The Center is making all out efforts to reach out to every section of the society in Manipur and working to bring them on a common ground for lasting peace. Manipur Police has arrested 6 accused in the case of vandalism with two women.

Officials of various security agencies monitoring the situation in the state said the violence was fueled largely by rumors and fake news. According to officials, the case of parading two women naked was also due to a rumour. To stop the violence in Manipur, the central and state governments have taken steps so far. The government is working on a three-pronged approach to restore peace in Manipur. These three-pronged approach includes dialogue with the affected people, rehabilitation of those leaving their homes with tight security and control of the insurgents.

The government formed a peace committee, made the governor the chairman
The central government has constituted a peace committee to bring peace in the state. The governor of the state has been made the chairman of this peace committee. At the same time, Manipur Chief Minister N. Biren Singh, some ministers of the state government and leaders of various political parties have also been included in this.

More than 6 thousand FIRs, 2000 SIs are investigating, officers working 24 hours
Manipur Police has so far registered more than 6000 FIRs in connection with the violence that took place since May 3. More than 2000 police sub-inspectors have been engaged in the investigation. Out of the FIRs registered related to violence, 70 FIRs are related to murder. About 700 people have been detained so far in connection with the violence. According to top sources of Manipur Police, the police have dual responsibility of maintaining law and order as well as investigation. In such a situation, police personnel and officers are on duty for 24 hours.

Two DIG level officers sent to Manipur to stop violence
The Home Ministry has stepped up efforts to restore peace in Manipur. To stop the violence, now the number and responsibilities of CRPF personnel are being increased here. On the instructions of the Ministry of Home Affairs, two officers of the rank of DIG are being posted in Manipur. This is an unprecedented situation and earlier, only six companies were deployed in Manipur. Now, it has been increased to 57 and she is going to stay there for at least six months. They should be properly monitored, so these two officers have been deployed. The Ministry of Home Affairs has sent 124 companies of paramilitary forces to Manipur. This includes 57 companies of CRPF, 10 of Rapid Action Force, 48 of BSF, four of Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) and five of Sashastra Seema Bal (SSB).

Judicial commission will investigate
Judicial commission will investigate Manipur violence. The retired Justice of the High Court will be the chairman of this commission. The Government of India itself will supervise this investigation.

Investigation of 6 cases with CBI
For better coordination, the system of Inter-Agency Unified Command has been implemented under the chairmanship of Kuldeep Singh. Apart from this, the investigation of 6 cases registered in the case of Manipur violence has been given to the CBI. The investigation will be done without any favor and discrimination.

Ministry of Home Affairs starts Track-3 of Back Channel Dialogue process to bring peace
The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has initiated Track-3 of the back channel dialogue process involving interlocutors from neutral communities of Meitei and Nagas to bring peace between Meitei and Kuki. Chief Minister N Biren Singh had already held talks with the Manipur Muslim Welfare Organization (MMWO) and Naga community leaders on Wednesday and urged them to start talks with Kuki and Meitai. Under the Track 1 initiative, the Ministry of Home Affairs engaged senior functionaries of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) to hold talks with the Kuki groups. Under the Track 2 initiative, Home Ministry officials including Additional Secretary (Northeast) Piyush Goyal, Advisor (Northeast) AK Mishra held two rounds of discussions with Meitai groups.

Announcement of help of Rs 10 lakh each to the families affected by violence
The Union Home Minister has announced an assistance of Rs 10 lakh each to the families suffering from violence. Out of this amount, five lakh rupees will be borne by the center and five lakh rupees by the state government. Five lakh rupees will be given by the Manipur government for relief and rehabilitation to the families of those who lost their lives. At the same time, five lakh rupees will be given like the Government of India. A relief and rehabilitation package will also be declared for the loss of property of those injured in the violence. The people of Manipur do not face shortage of ration, so extra rice from the quota has been sent to Manipur.

4,000 temporary houses to be built for displaced people
There has been talk of building 4,000 prefabricated temporary houses within two months for those displaced by ethnic violence. Thousands of people are living in relief camps. The work started on July 4 and till now 30-35% work has been completed. Separate relief camps have been set up for Kuki and Meitei communities.

Government will give Rs 1,000 to people living in relief camps
Manipur Chief Minister N. Biren Singh has made a big announcement for the people living in the relief camps built in the violence affected areas. A one-time assistance of Rs 1,000 will be given to people living in relief camps so that they can buy clothes and personal items for themselves.

Ethnic conflict in Manipur is not new
Caste conflict is nothing new in Manipur. According to the report of the National Conflict Management Institute, in 1993 there was a major conflict between the Naga and Kuki communities in which about 400 Kukis were killed. On April 8, 1989, the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) ambushed Indian Police Service officer Vandana Mallick near Imphal, the capital of Manipur. In 1993, between the months of May and September, around 120 soldiers and officers of the security forces were killed in attacks by armed extremists of the National Socialist Council of Nagaland.

Leftists spread lies by linking Manipur incident with RSS
The arrest of the accused on the Manipur incident took place after the video surfaced. After this, the opposition parties did a lot of politics on this. Propaganda was spread that the accused belonged to RSS. Left leader IC Ghosh shared a picture based on this. Leftist leader Subhashini Ali, MP from Kanpur, shared the picture and wrote that he is an accused from Manipur. The claim was found to be completely false. The accused in the Manipur viral video scandal have no connection whatsoever with the RSS.

Big conspiracy hatched against Hindus
Meanwhile, work in Parliament has come to a standstill. Opposition wants PM’s answer on Manipur and ruling party is saying that they are ready for discussion. There is a need that the opposition should discuss those main issues so that the problem can be solved. After all, after the hard work of the Modi government in the last 9 years, the entire North-East has progressed on the path of development and peace, in which it will not be right to stop.

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