This transgender is no less than a heroine, the young man got married after being fascinated, now a new twist has come in the case

By Priyanka Tiwari July 26, 2023 1:28 AM IST

It is said that if the heart is attached to the wall then what is an angel? But, here the matter is of a different kind, or it can also be called strange. Here a young man fell in love with a transgender who looks no less than a heroine. The young man also married her, but now the family members of the young man have become a hindrance. The matter has also reached the police. (Photo-Amarjeet Sharma)


It is from Danapur in Bihar, where such a strange case has come to light, knowing that one is surprised. At one point, with the young man donning vermilion in the wedding hall, everyone was under the illusion that it is a woman. But, the woman to whom Ravi, a resident of Lal Muni Enclave, RPS Arya Samaj Road, Danapur, applied vermilion, is not a woman, but a transgender named Adhvika, a resident of Darbhanga.


No one can say by looking at his face that he is a transgender, but this is the truth and the young man has married a transgender. Now when the family members are refusing to keep her, the young man has registered a case in Danapur police station accusing his family members of raping and killing his transgender wife.


It is being told that both of them fell in love through Instagram, this love was so strong that they went to the temple and got married according to Hindu rituals considering God as a witness. Ravi Kumar, son of Co-Rulig Party leader Satyendra Singh, resident of Lal Muni Enclave Apartment located on Arya Samaj Mandir Road, told that he befriended and fell in love with transgender woman Adhvika Chaudhary Singh through Instagram. After understanding each other for a long time, both of them got married on 25th June last month.


However, taking this step has cost the young man dearly as his family members are very angry. Meanwhile, there was a twist in the case when the young man pleaded for help by giving a written application to the Danapur police station due to the harassment of his father and brother and fear of his life. At the same time, the police is busy in resolving the matter.


After marriage, her father Satyendra Singh and brother Dhananjay Kumar tortured my wife mentally and physically and insulted her by calling her a eunuch. They are threatening to kill on the coming days. Even her in-laws were threatened with kidnapping and killing her for not giving Rs 60 lakh as dowry.


According to the allegation, on July 13, he was chased in Khagaul by two bike-borne miscreants. They both are roaming around somehow saving their lives. He told that my transgender wife is preparing for Bihar Police. He has requested the police for protection under the Transgender Protection Act 2019.


On the other hand, after the matter came to notice, Danapur has started investigating. While transgender Adhvika Chowdhary said that we fell in love and got married in the temple, but now we are not being allowed to live in the in-laws house and are being humiliated in various ways.