The Gujarat High Court reprimanded the police, said – do not have the courage to enforce traffic rules

By Priyanka Tiwari July 25, 2023 10:42 PM IST

Ahmedabad. Referring to the incident related to the death of nine people in a car accident in Ahmedabad city last week, the Gujarat High Court said on Tuesday that the city authorities do not have the “courage” to enforce traffic rules. A bench of Justice AS Supehia and Justice MR Mengde said that if the police had conducted a regular investigation, the accident would not have happened. The bench was hearing a contempt of court petition filed by one Mushtaq Hussain Qadri against the Gujarat government and Ahmedabad city officials.

The Gujarat government and Ahmedabad officials are accused of not following the High Court’s guidelines issued on Qadri’s PIL regarding traffic rules in the city. It is noteworthy that on July 20, S.G. A speeding car rammed into a group of people on a highway flyover, killing nine and injuring 13. Justice Supehia said, “Do you know the core issue? The real reason why these things are happening is that these criminals have no fear of the law. They (criminals) violate the law openly, regardless of punishment.”

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Not even the will to enforce traffic laws
He said, “You don’t have the backbone to enforce traffic laws, nor do you have the will to enforce it….You were boasting of CCTV cameras. The incident has exposed the fact that the CCTV cameras are not working.” He said that even the constables remain mute spectators to the violation of traffic rules. When the public prosecutor pointed out that the traffic police had started checking the licenses of the vehicles and drivers, the judge asked whether they were waiting for an accident to happen.

you wait for the fatality to happen
Justice Supehia said, “You wait for an accident to happen, you wait for a loss of life to happen? If you had done this (checking traffic violations) regularly, this would not have happened. This (probe) will only last for a few days… The campaign you are running now should be regular.”

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