Basanti fell in love with the truck driver, broke the bond of marriage for the lover, was married in childhood itself

By Priyanka Tiwari July 25, 2023 10:28 PM IST


This case of love is related to Churu district
Basanti got married at the age of just 13.
Basanti had started visiting her in-laws house only a year back.

Churu. In Churu district of Rajasthan, another graduate girl Baskaro Nath alias Basanti fell in love with a less educated youth than herself. Basanti, a victim of child marriage, broke the bond of marriage for the sake of love. Basanti herself is BA pass. His heart fell on the eighth pass truck driver. What was it then Basanti left her husband and held her lover’s hand. Later she entered into a live-in relationship with her lover. This act of Basanti was resented by her in-laws. He threatened to kill both of them. On this, both reached the Superintendent of Police seeking protection.

This case of love affair and live in relationship is related to Sarayan village of Churu district. Basanti, a 20-year-old married woman here, has left her husband and is living in a live-in relationship with Jeetu, an unmarried youth from Punaras village. Basanti, who reached the Churu Superintendent of Police’s office, told that ten years ago, at the age of 13, her family got her married to a person from Kandhalsar village.

When the husband came to know about the lover of the wife, the fight started.
About a year back, he had started visiting his in-laws house. Meanwhile, he met 24-year-old Jeetu Singh, a resident of Punaras village in Taranagar. Both started talking to each other on mobile. Within a few days these things turned into love. Her husband came to know about her talking to lover Jeetu Singh on mobile. After that Basanti’s husband started torturing her day and night. Even started fighting. This upset Basanti.

Left home with lover on 5th July
Distressed by her husband’s assault, she had come to her home from her in-laws’ house about a month ago. After that, on July 5, she left the house with Jeetu Singh. Both went to Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. Basanti had also taken all her documents with her. She told that she is educated till BA. Jeetu Singh has studied till eighth standard. Jeetu Singh currently drives. Basanti’s father is a government employee in the bank. While lover Jeetu Singh’s father does the work of farming and herding sheep.

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