Rajasthan: Transport Department’s arbitrariness in Jaipur, one city and two rules, getting license expensive

By Priyanka Tiwari July 25, 2023 10:05 PM IST


Rajasthan Transport Department
Jhalana and Vidyadhar Nagar have different fees
People are angry due to having two rules in the same city

Jaipur. Separate fees are being collected for driving license in two RTO offices of the Transport Department located in Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan. There is a lot of anger among the people due to having two rules of the same department in one city. People living in Tonk Road, Agra Road, Jagatpura, Pratap Nagar, Tonk Phatak and Mansarovar areas of Jaipur city have to pay up to Rs 250 more for making license. The Transport Department has increased the driving license fee for Jhalana RTO from Rs 1000 to Rs 1250.

This fee is being taken in the name of automated driving track. In fees, it has been named User Charges. Under this, an additional Rs 100 is being charged for getting a two-wheeler license and Rs 150 for a car license. The interesting thing is that the fees have not been increased in Vidyadhar Nagar, the second RTO of Jaipur.

This is the logic of the transport department
The RTO of the Transport Department says that the arrangement for increasing the fees for the driving license was made with the introduction of the automated track. However, since the last two and a half years when the automated track started, the fees were not increased. Earlier, a joint escrow account of the private company and the transport department was to be opened but it could not be opened. Because of this the system of fees was also not implemented. License applicants say that as long as the private company was running the track, the fees used to be less. Now the track is being operated by the transport department itself, so more fees are being collected.

The department is justifying different fees like this
The Transport Department is justifying different fees. According to the department, the track is modern and the test takers there will have to pay a slightly higher fee. But the applicants say that this is arbitrary. The fees should not be different in both the RTOs. At present, it is getting cheaper to get the license made in the RTO office of Vidyadhar Nagar area of ​​Jaipur. On the other hand, the areas which come under Jhalana RTO have to loosen their pockets more.

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