‘Don’t eat bread.. the company is fooling you’, YouTuber’s shocking disclosure, watch VIDEO

By Priyanka Tiwari July 25, 2023 9:01 PM IST

New Delhi. Renowned YouTuber Revant Himatsingka has made a shocking disclosure about the different types of bread eaten every morning. It is known that bread-butter is very famous among people of all ages in India, but do you know that these companies are fooling you in the name of nutrition. Influencer Revanth Himatsingka from ‘thefoodfarmer’ points out that there are two types of bread available in India – “one that is openly injurious to health (white bread), and the other (brown, multigrain, wholewheat) that pretends to be health benefits when they are not!”

In a video, Himatsingka can be seen saying, ‘White bread is filled with flour, during which the layers of germ and bran are removed from it. Whereas, brown bread which is considered good for health. He told that, the color of brown bread is due to brown caramel color 150A. This caramel color is used in 150A Coke and Bourne Vita.

Quoting FSSAI, he said, ‘The names of their ingredients and their composition should be mentioned in decreasing order on the products during production. Showing a packet of bread in the video, he said that it contains 20% maida and the rest flour. But even though the quantity of maida is not mentioned, it is clear from the FSSAI directive that maida is the major ingredient of that packet of whole wheat bread.

Whereas, Himantasingka takes a packet of multigrain bread which has refined wheat flour (maida) as the first ingredient, followed by 30 percent flour. He said that multigrain bread does not mean that it is healthy. The only difference is that it contains more than one grain. He said, ‘Most of the multigrain breads in India are also mainly made of flour.’

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Revanth Himatsingka aka Food Farmer is a social media influencer who exposed high sugar content in Bournvita after which Cadbury sent a legal notice against him.

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