Lok Sabha Election 2024: Why did Mukesh Sahni administer Gangajal oath to the workers, what is he afraid of?

By Priyanka Tiwari July 25, 2023 6:26 PM IST


VIP chief Mukesh Sahni is afraid that his vote bank may be sold?
VIP President Mukesh Sahni administered the oath of Gangajal to leaders and workers.
In which camp Mukesh Sahni’s VIP will go, will announce it after Chhath.

Patna. Mukesh Sahni, the national president of Vikassheel Insaan Party (VIP), is afraid that his vote bank will be sold. That’s why Mukesh Sahni publicly took the pledge of Gangajal to his party workers and leaders. In this resolution, the leaders of the party took an oath that they would never sell their votes. While addressing the people in the program organized in Patna on the martyrdom day of Phoolan Devi, the national president of VIP made a big attack on the BJP in just a few gestures. Along with this, Mukesh Sahni said that only after Chhath, he will announce with which alliance his party will coordinate.

Actually, before the program in Patna, the workers and leaders were asked to reach with Gangajal. Mukesh Sahni claimed that 50 lakh people of Nishad caste will be administered oath in this manner and its video will be sent to BJP leaders, so that they can understand that now the vote of Nishad caste is not going to be sold. Mukesh Sahni himself took a pledge to stop the selling of his vote at Shrikrishna Memorial Hall in Patna.

This is the first time in the program of any political party, when the leaders of the party have been publicly sworn in by giving Gangajal. BJP’s attacker Mukesh Sahni has made a big claim that the alliance with which he will go will win 60 seats in the Lok Sabha and the alliance with which he will not go will lose 60 seats and his dream of capturing Delhi will also be shattered.

Addressing the party workers and leaders in Patna today, Mukesh Sahni said that we only want reservation and we will obey everything whoever gives reservation. Referring to the meeting of NDA, Mukesh Sahni said that he had also received an invitation in the meeting held recently. A good number of Lok Sabha seats were also offered. The leaders had also talked about washing their feet, but till the talk of reservation is not accepted, the talk of alliance with NDA is meaningless.

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