Parents made me stop my studies, without a band, I got married to my baraati lover in a temple! read full story

By Priyanka Tiwari July 25, 2023 4:03 PM IST


Relatives were taking the girl home after stopping her studies.
Told the incident to the boyfriend and got married in the temple.
Marriage in Jehanabad Gaurakshini Mandir in the presence of friends.

Rajeev Ranjan Vimal / Jehanabad. Nowadays there is no coercion on the loving couples. These loving couples are not backing down even after running away from home and getting married after watching new movies. The latest case has come to the fore in Bihar’s Jehanabad district, where a loving couple, without asking their parents, ran away from home and got married in a temple located at Gaurakshini.

It is being told that the girl from Hulasganj and the boy from Makhdumpur used to live and study in Jehanabad city. During this, both got introduced and love blossomed. When the family members came to know about this, they made a complete plan to get the girl to stop her studies and take her home. Here, even before the housemates were successful in their plan, the girl told the whole thing to her boyfriend.

After this, a young man from Makhdumpur police station area who promised his girlfriend to study further and then got married on Sunday night at Gaurakshani temple located at Jehanabad city headquarters. Some people present there witnessed the marriage without band and baraati. Now the girl is worried that the family members may take some wrong steps against the marriage. In such a situation, she is appealing that she has married of her own free will and should be allowed to live her life.

However, our effort was to gather complete information about the boy and the girl, but both of them did not show any documents. In such a situation, we cannot confirm how much truth is there in his claim. But, it is true that the boy and the girl have got married in the temple without the consent of the family members and are now pleading for security. Let us tell you that this is not the first incident in Jehanabad district, even before this such incidents have been seen when loving couples eloped and got married.

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