Cousin’s intention on 18-year-old sister deteriorated, seeing her alone, she started arbitrarily, mother came and saved her life

By Priyanka Tiwari July 25, 2023 3:07 PM IST


The incident is of Sadar police station area of ​​Churu
Police registered a case against the accused brother
The accused had been eyeing the cousin for a long time

Churu. Embarrassing news has come to the fore from Sadar police station area of ​​Churu city of Rajasthan. Here a young man’s intention got spoiled after seeing his 18 year old cousin. The young man tried to rape her after finding her alone. But on the cries of the victim, her mother reached the spot. He somehow managed to save the victim from the clutches of the youth. After that, the family members reached the women’s police station with the victim. There a nominated case has been registered against the accused brother.

According to the female police officer Indralal Maharshi, the 18-year-old victim told that she was studying in the room of the house on the evening of 23 July. At the same time his uncle’s son entered the house from the back gate. Seeing her alone in the room, he tried to force himself on her. On protesting, the young man bit his teeth at several places on his body. On hearing her scream, the girl’s mother came running. She saved her from the savage brother.

The victim’s mother who came to save was hit in the head with a stick
During this, the accused brother hit the victim’s mother in the head with a stick. After that, the accused fled after snatching the gold mangalsutra and earrings worn by his mother. The victim alleges that the accused youth was harassing her for the last six-seven months. For this, his relatives scolded Tau too many times. But still he did not agree. Women’s police station has registered a case against the youth on the basis of the victim’s report. The police is probing the entire matter from every angle.

Embarrassing cases have come to the fore in Churu
It is worth mentioning that in Churu district, many cases which disturb the dignity of relationships have also come to the fore. In many cases the police have arrested the accused while many accused are still out of reach of the police. Incidents like this are coming to the fore day by day not only in Churu district but also in different areas of the state. At the same time, the incidents of gang rape are also increasing rapidly in Rajasthan.

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