To buy a train, the person asked for a loan of 300 crores from the bank;

By Priyanka Tiwari July 25, 2023 1:02 PM IST


More than 1 million people have listened to this clip that went viral on July 15.
The ‘audio clip’ of the conversation regarding ‘loan requirement’ is making headlines
The representative was told that earlier he had taken a loan of Rs 1600 to buy a Hero cycle.

New Delhi. Often banks keep calling customers to take loans. Banks talk very tempting things to customers to get loans. Regarding this, where some customers take out a lot of their anger on the bankers, some pass their time by talking funny to them. Such conversations have also gone viral many times on social media. One such funny and laugh-out-loud funny ‘audio clip’ of a conversation between a bank representative and a customer regarding ‘loan requirement’ has gone viral on the social media platform ‘Instagram’, which is also garnering a lot of headlines.

In this audio clip, the customer does not demand a loan of Rs 1, 2 or 10 crores, but a loan of Rs 300 crores to buy a train. The bank representative is surprised to hear this demand and can be heard asking questions politely.

As such, those who entertain and humor on social media go viral. But many times such cases also come to the fore, which along with entertaining you, sometimes also present a way to solve your problems. Currently, the audio clip of Rs 300 crore loan sought to buy a train is viral on social media and is part of a telephone conversation with a customer representative of HDFC Bank. It is creating a lot of buzz on social media.

The businessman reached to take a loan from the bank, came to know that he already has a loan of Rs 10 crore, shocked

The viral audio clip begins with a call from a female bank customer representative, who introduces herself as an employee of HDFC Bank, and asks the person if he needs any kind of loan. She introduces herself as Nisha and asks the man if he needs a home or car loan. After listening to this, the person, without thinking anything from the other side and wasting time, replies with aplomb that he really needs a loan.

Showing interest on this answer, the female representative Nisha asks him about his loan requirement. After this, the answer given by the person surprises the bank customer representative… The person tells the representative that he needs a loan of Rs 300 crores to buy a train… The representative is surprised to hear this and pauses and asks the person- ‘Has he ever taken a loan before?

On this too, a very funny answer is given to the caller from the person’s side, on hearing which people are giving their reactions laughingly on the internet. Actually, the person tells the bank representative that he has taken a loan of Rs 1600 earlier to buy a Hero cycle. After this, suddenly the audio clip ends.

The viral video was shared on July 15, which has been viewed more than 1 million times so far. This clip has caught the attention of people on the internet. Social media users were totally amused and couldn’t stop laughing. A lot of reactions have also been expressed on this.

Responding to the recording, a user wrote- “Take a loan in such a way that bank employees block your calls.” Another wrote – “Awesome! These people deserve it.” Said in a response- “I just want this much confidence. (All you need is that much confidence).” One user wrote- ‘1600 rupees are not being given at once and they want 300 crores.’

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