Plan A and B came to the border to enter India, 15-day Nepal visa was a major part of the plan, some dodged at such border

By Priyanka Tiwari July 25, 2023 9:31 AM IST


According to sources, Seema Haider had made two plans to come to India.
Seema Haider was successful in entering the Indian border by dodging from her first plan.

New Delhi. Every day new revelations are happening about Seema Haider who came to India illegally from Pakistan. Meanwhile, new information has come to the fore that Seema Haider had prepared two plans to come to India. According to sources, Seema Ghulam Haider had made a big plan to enter India from Pakistan itself. First of all he applied for 15 days tourist visa in Nepal and he got 15 days tourist visa easily. Because on March 10 this year itself, Seema came to Nepal with a visa for about 7 days and stayed with Sachin till March 17, which gave her the advantage of getting a visa for Nepal again.

Seema had taken a 15-day visa to come to Nepal for the second time.
Seema Haider had written the script of this entire route in Pakistan itself. With the help of this planning, Seema reached Nepal first with her children by taking a 15-day tourist visa of Nepal. According to her plan A, she had to somehow enter India and during this time, if she was caught in SSB checking at the border, she would be sent back to Nepal. Because she had a 15-day tourist visa to Nepal and she would have come back to Nepal. According to Seema’s Plan B, she had enough time left for her 15-day Nepal visa and she would have definitely tried to enter India through another bus from the Indo-Nepal border.

For the first time Seema brought only 7 days visa to Nepal
However, Seema Haider did not have to use her plan B. Because Seema had taken entry in India by dodging SSB and in this way Seema’s plan A was successful. Seema Haider had also brought visa on March 10, which was only for 7 days, during that time she roamed comfortably with Sachin and went to Pakistan via Dubai on the last day. It takes a lot of time to travel continuously. That is why the agencies suspect that Seema Haider was getting financial support, which is being investigated.

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