Anju-Nasrullah Love Story: Is Anju really divorced, how true is this claim of Pakistani media?

By Priyanka Tiwari July 25, 2023 8:03 AM IST

Jaipur. The uproar over Pakistani woman Seema Haider reaching India via Nepal had not subsided yet when the news of Indian woman Anju going to Pakistan shocked everyone. Anju reached Pakistan to meet her Facebook friend Nasrullah. Anju has gone to Pakistan with a valid visa and can stay there for 30 days. On the one hand, where her family members are shocked by this step of Anju, on the other hand, common people are also very curious to know about her. Amidst all this, some such things are being said in the Pakistani media about Anju, which have nothing to do with reality.

A news about Anju has been published on the digital platform of Pakistan’s prestigious newspaper ‘Dawn’. Its title is- Indian woman reached Upper Deer to meet her friend. At one place in this news it has been claimed that Anju is divorced. However, no official source or document has been cited to confirm this claim. However, the truth is opposite to the claim of Pakistani media. Anju is married to a person named Arvind, a resident of Bhiwadi, Rajasthan. Anju and Arvind also have two children. Anju’s husband Arvind said after the incident that his wife did not tell him anything about going to Pakistan. At the same time, Anjud told that if she had told her husband about this, he would not have allowed her to go to Pakistan.

Twist in Anju-Nasrullah’s love story, father said – she is a crazy girl, it is wrong to go to Pakistan, there is a connection with Gwalior

Anju was married in 2007
Anju, who went to Pakistan to meet her friend Nasrullah, was married in the year 2007. She was married to Arvind, a resident of Bhiwadi in Alwar district of Rajasthan. Anju also has two children. Arvind told that his wife Anju suddenly went missing on 20 July. It was not known where she went. Later, when we talked on the phone, she told that she had come to Lahore to visit a friend. Will come back after a few days.

Anju’s father said – my daughter is crazy
Anju’s father has strongly objected to this step of his daughter. Anju’s childhood was spent in the dwarf village of Tekanpur in Gwalior. Anju’s father Gaya Prasad lives in this village. Gaya Prasad converted to Christianity and is now known as Gaya Thomas. He told that Anju is a crazy girl. She was married to Arvind Meena, a resident of Bhiwadi. Gaya Thomas has termed the daughter’s move to go to Pakistan as wrong.

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