Orissa High Court achieved rare achievement, 75 judgments pronounced in a single day, applause echoed in the court

By Priyanka Tiwari July 24, 2023 11:36 PM IST

Cuttack (Odisha). A bench of the Orissa High Court on Monday pronounced 75 judgments in criminal appeal cases, mostly related to murder cases. This achievement was achieved two days before the celebration of 75 years of the establishment of the court.

A bench of Justice Debabrata Das and Justice Sanjiv Kumar Panigrahi commenced the hearing at 10.30 am through a live-online mode, with the parties appearing both physically and digitally. By the evening the verdicts in all the 75 listed cases were pronounced and the packed courtroom erupted in applause. Appeals were filed through the State Legal Services Authority.

During the hearing, advocate BK Ragad, who appeared in two cases, said, “In my 32 years of practice in the Orissa High Court, I have never seen such a large number of criminal cases being decided on a single day.” A record has been created today and this rare achievement will make the 75th anniversary celebrations of the High Court memorable.

The appeals that were disposed of on Monday were pending for many years. In most cases, the court confirmed the sentence given by the lower courts and in many other cases, the death sentence was commuted.

The High Court was established on 26 July 1948, with only four judges, including Chief Justice Justice Bira Kishore Ray. It was inaugurated by HJ Kania, the then Chief Justice of the Federal Court of India.

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