Who was Bholenath’s sister, how was she born, why did she quarrel with Parvatiji?

By Priyanka Tiwari July 24, 2023 9:14 PM IST

Lord Shiva Stories: Mythology has an important place in the Sanatan tradition. Through these stories, the followers of Hinduism have been given detailed information about Gods and Goddesses. It is told in these mythology that Shanta was the sister of Shri Ram. Her husband was Shringi Rishi. There, Shri Krishna’s sisters were Subhadra, Ekanga and Mahamaya. Ashok Sundari, Jaya, Vishhar, Dotali and Shamalbari were the sisters of Lord Shiva’s son Ganesh. The story of his sister Chhath Maiya being pleased by worshiping Suryadev is also told a lot.

Yamuna ji is the sister of Yamraj. It is said that if a sister worships her brother by standing in the river Yamuna on Bhai Dooj, he will live a long life. The sisters of many other deities have also been mentioned in mythology. But, do you know who was the sister of Lord Shankar? How and why was Shivji’s sister born? At the same time, the mention of a quarrel with Parvati, the mother of Lord Shankar’s sister, also comes in some stories. Do you know what the two had a fight over?

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Why did Parvatiji want her to have a sister-in-law?
When asked questions about Lord Shiva’s sister, most people would say that Shankarji is unborn and eternal. So how can he have a sister? So today we tell you the story of the origin of Lord Shiva’s sister. According to mythology, Lord Shiva had created one of his sisters on the wish of Mother Parvati. Actually, Mata Parvati wished that if she too had a sister-in-law, her mind would have been engaged. Since Lord Shiva was unborn, he had no sister. In such a situation, Mother Parvati sat down keeping her thoughts in mind.

Why and how was Shivji’s sister born?
Lord Shiva came to know about the mind of Goddess Parvati. He asked if you have any problem Devi? On this Parvati ji said that I wish she too had a sister-in-law. On this, Lord Shiva said that I will bring you sister-in-law, but will you be able to get along with your sister-in-law. Parvati ji said that why won’t I be married to my own sister-in-law? Lord Shiva said that it is okay Devi, I will give you a sister-in-law. He created a goddess out of his illusion. This goddess was very fat. There were also cracks on his feet.

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what was the name of lord shankar’s sister
Shivji told Parvati ji that here, your sister-in-law has come. Her name is Asawari Devi. Goddess Parvati was very happy to see her sister-in-law. She immediately started cooking food for her sister-in-law Devi Asawari. Asavari Devi came after taking bath and started asking for food. Goddess Parvati served food. When Asavari Devi started eating, she ate all the food kept in Parvati ji’s store. He didn’t even leave anything for Mahadev. This made Parvati ji sad.

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Why there was a fight between Parvatiji and Goddess Asavari
After this, when Goddess Parvati gave new clothes to the sister-in-law to wear, they fell short for the fat Asavari Devi. Then Parvati ji started arranging other clothes for him. Meanwhile, sister-in-law Asavari Devi suddenly realized the joke and hid Parvati ji in the crevices of her feet. Parvati ji started suffocating on this. When Mahadev asked Asavari Devi about Parvati, she lied. When Shivji asked again, Asawari Devi started laughing and slammed her feet on the ground. Due to this, Goddess Parvati who was buried in the crevices of the feet came out. After this, Parvati ji asked Mahadev to make preparations to send them off after getting married as soon as possible.

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