Rajasthan: A farmer’s mistake overshadowed Hanumangarh, drowning the city in the flood, the lamp was cut in the tied

By Priyanka Tiwari July 24, 2023 8:54 PM IST


Flood threat in Hanumangarh
The water level of Ghaggar river is increasing
The person who cut the tied was arrested

Hanumangarh. Due to the rising water level of the Ghaggar river, Hanumangarh, sitting at the mouth of the flood, could have suffered a small mistake of a farmer. But by controlling the damage in time, the situation was saved from getting worse. This farmer tried to break the dam of Ghaggar river. But in time, the villagers repaired the dam, due to which a big accident was averted. Had the dam of the river broken, Hanumangarh town and its surrounding areas would have been in the grip of flood.

Due to Ghaggar river, flood situation is prevailing in Hanumangarh district. Due to this, the district administration and citizens are fully alert. On the other hand, some people are putting the lives of lakhs of people in danger due to their selfishness. One such incident took place on Monday at 11 HMH near Hanumangarh Town. There a farmer tried to break the embankment of Ghaggar river to water his field.

Police arrested the accused for breach of peace
The local villagers came to know about this even before the farmer could break the tie completely. The villagers caught him in time and fixed the dam. A bigger accident was averted. On the information of this incident, Hanumangarh Town police station reached the spot. The police arrested farmer Mahendra Singh, accused of breaking the dam, on charges of breach of peace.

About two and a half feet was cut in the tied
Patwari of the area Jyoti Chaudhary told that the accused farmer was making a path with a dam to water the field. He had cut about two and a half feet in the bandha. Police have recovered pipe, shovel and other items from the spot. According to Patwari, if he had succeeded in his plan, the water of the Ghaggar river, which had taken a formidable form, would have reached Hanumangarh town with 11 HHH breaking the dam. This could have caused huge damage.

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