Rajendra Gudha opened the ‘secret’ of Lal Diary, said – a lot was done to save the government… Read full story

By Priyanka Tiwari July 24, 2023 7:39 PM IST


Secret of red diary revealed
Rajendra Gudha revealed the secret of red diary
Gudha said this diary is a raw letter of the time to save the Gehlot government

Jaipur. What is the story behind the Lal Diary, which brought a storm in the politics of Rajasthan, has been told by Rajendra Gudha, the sacked minister of the Gehlot government himself. Gudha told that from where and how did this diary reach him? Gudha has shared many facts related to this diary after he was first dismissed from the Gehlot cabinet and then expelled from the Congress party. Gudha told that this diary is a crude letter to save the Gehlot government.

Rajendra Gudha told that in July 2020, Sachin Pilot had gone to Manesar with 19 MLAs. After that the Gehlot government was reduced to a minority. CM Ashok Gehlot had barricaded Congress MLAs in a hotel in Jaipur. At that time, ED raided the house of Dharmendra Rathore, close to Gehlot in Jaipur. Gudha has claimed that Gehlot then told him that there is a red diary at Gudha Rathore’s house. If she gets into the hands of ED, there will be a big problem.

Gudha said – I went to Rathore’s house on Gehlot’s emotional appeal
Gudha says that after Gehlot’s emotional appeal, he went to Dharmendra Rathore’s house. He was accompanied by Revenue Minister Ramlal Jat and Congress leader Dheeraj Gurjar. We entered Rathore’s house on the ninth floor, broke the lock and brought out the red diary. During this, we also had a clash with the CRPF. According to Gudha, we were lathicharged. When I brought out the red diary, Gehlot had said that you saved me from going to jail. Burn this diary.

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The writing in the red diary is of Dharmendra Rathod
Gudha told that I did not burn the diary and kept it with me. What is there in the red diary but Gudha says that the writing in this red diary is of Dharmendra Rathore. It is written in this which MLAs were given what to save the government? This is a raw sheet of black exploits. There is also the reality of many ministers in the diary. Gudha claims that if the Income Tax team had got hold of the diary, Gehlot would not have been able to continue as CM. If there was no fear of the red diary, then the ministers in the assembly would not have attacked me and snatched it.

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