Anju Nasrulla Love Story: Anju got a passport made at the old address, bought a new SIM and got angry.

By Priyanka Tiwari July 24, 2023 6:44 PM IST


love story of anju nasrullah
Anju’s husband said – what can I do
Anju and Arvind were married in the year 2007

Jaipur / Alwar. Seema Haider of Pakistan has started living here after marrying her lover in India. Similarly, Anju, a woman working in Bhiwadi industrial area of ​​Alwar district of Rajasthan, has reached Lahore leaving her husband and two children. Anju befriended a young man named Nasrullah from Pakistan through the social media platform Facebook. After that she fell so madly in love with him that leaving her two children and husband, she reached Lahore. Calling her husband only told that he is in Lahore. I have come to meet my friend. She will come back to India in three-four days.

Arvind’s wife Anju, a resident of Kharpura village in Ballia district of Uttar Pradesh, reached Lahore three days back. When talking to the children on video call, she told that she has reached Lahore to meet her friend. Then her husband and family came to know about Anju going to Pakistan. Anju belongs to a Christian family. His family lives in Terra Easyless Society of Tapukada, Alwar. Arvind is working in Bhiwadi since 2005. He was married in the year 2007 to Anju, a resident of Guna district of Madhya Pradesh. Anju also works in a company in Tapukada, Bhiwadi.

Husband said I have no idea about this
Anju’s husband Arvind told that I have only come to know that she has gone to Lahore to meet her friend. When she was asked whether she had gone to Pakistan to meet a person named Nasrullah. To this Arvind says that I have no information in this regard. Arvind also denied that she plays PUBG. Anju had already got the passport made. It is being told that his passport is made from his old address.

Anju didn’t mention anything at home
Anju and her family have been living in this society for the last two years. The husband had no inkling of his wife Anju going to Lahore, nor did he mention this at home. Arvind told that before this she had never gone out of the house. Once she had gone to Faridabad to meet her relative. But now heard that he is in Pakistan. Arvind said now what can I say in this regard? Arvind has expressed hope that she will come soon. She has told that she will come to India in three-four days. Arvind has a 15 year old daughter and a five year old son.

She did not give the new sim number to her husband.
Anju had bought a new sim to go to Pakistan. She didn’t even give her number to her husband. After this information, the local police and intelligence agencies also reached the spot and are making inquiries. After all, who prepared Anju’s visa? With whom did he befriend through social media in Pakistan? Now this information is being made.

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