‘There is no truth in the matter of affair’: Anju reached Pakistan to meet a friend, said, the news of marriage is just a rumor

By Priyanka Tiwari July 24, 2023 6:34 PM IST

New Delhi. Indian married woman Anju, who reached Pakistan to meet her male friend, on Monday rejected the talk of love-affair, saying that she has gone there only to meet her friend and his family. Anju told News18 on a video call, ‘She has come to meet as a friend. There is no truth in the matter of affair. The woman also said that she would soon return to India and then go back to Pakistan. Anju told News18 that she is currently living with her friend in Pakistan.

On the question of getting married in Pakistan, Anju said that there is nothing like that at the moment. He said, ‘This is just a rumor spread by the media. She is currently living with a friend and his family in Pakistan. On the other hand, Anju’s neighbor Bablu Yadav, who lives in a society in Alwar, told that Anju used to live here, but no one had much information about her going to Pakistan, then on Sunday evening I came to know that Anju has gone to Pakistan.

The neighbor further told, ‘Family members have had a conversation with Anju through video calling. He was with her during that time. In the conversation with Anju, it seemed that she was scared and scared. She is hiding something from the family. On the other hand, in her video sent from Pakistan, Anju said, ‘I have come to Pakistan legally and will return to India in the same way in two-three days. It is an appeal to all of you not to disturb my relatives and children.

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