When the nursing home was raided… the door of a room was forced open, then…

By Priyanka Tiwari July 24, 2023 5:33 PM IST

Auraiya. Asha Bahu and Asha Sangini have now started reaching private nursing homes to deliver pregnant women. One such sensational case has come to the fore in Auraiya district of Uttar Pradesh. Where CSC Superintendent has caught 7 Asha Bahus and Asha Sanginis during his raid. The circumstances under which the Asha Bahus and Asha Sanginis have been caught. He is really looking amazing.

In fact, during the raid on the private nursing home, all the Asha daughter-in-law or Asha Sangini went into a room to save themselves from the grip of the health officials and hid under the bed, but the team of health officials had received very correct and accurate information, after which they did not spare any effort. The room of that room was forcibly opened, in which Asha’s daughter-in-law and Asha’s sister-in-law were sitting hidden.

Avichal Pandey, Superintendent of Bidhuna Community Health Center of Auraiya district, raided Laxmi Nursing Home and caught 7 Asha Bahus and Asha Sangis. In the viral video, it can be clearly seen and heard that Abhishek Pandey, Superintendent of Bidhuna Community Health Center, is seen standing outside the closed room and saying that open the room, come out one by one, the police have come out. Come out immediately. As soon as Avichal Pandey takes the name of Asha Sangini Sarvesh, when the gate is opened, Asha daughter-in-law and Asha Sangini are seen sitting hidden under the throne. When Avichal Pandey calls out the names of Sarvesh Kumari and Guddi Devi, then all of them come out slowly crawling on the ground.

Avichal Pandey was very angry after seeing this role of Asha Bahuen and Asha Sanginis. He said that no matter how much you hide your face, but no one can escape, he knows and recognizes each one by name. It is said that a meeting of Asha Bahus and Asha Sanginis was called in Bidhuna. After attending that meeting, everyone went to Lakshmi Nursing Home. When Avichal Pandey of Bidhuna Community Health Center came to know about this, he reached the spot and caught all the Asha Bahus and Asha Sanginis. It is alleged that she takes pregnant women to the nursing home and gets them delivered and receives a lump sum amount per case from the nursing home operators, managers and doctors, which is said to be around Rs 5,000.

Regarding the presence of Asha daughters-in-law and Asha Sanginis in Lakshmi Nursing Home, a notice has been issued by the health department to everyone and everyone has been asked to file a reply. At this time it is becoming fiercely viral. This has been said about this video. This video is at least 10 days old. When a joint meeting of Asha Bahu and Asha Sanginis took place at Bidhuna headquarters, after which some Lakshmi reached Nursing Home.

It is generally publicized that all the nursing homes or hospitals are operators. Somewhere they give a big lure to Asha Bahu and Asha Sanginis that if they bring pregnant women to their hospital or nursing home for delivery, they will be given a free of cost at least 5000 per case. In this greed, Asha daughters-in-law and Asha Sangini reach pregnant women by taking them to nursing homes or hospitals, after which it has been seen and said that many times pregnant women die during delivery. Then there is a lot of uproar, after which even cases are filed against the nursing home operators and doctors and several times the nursing home operators and doctors have been arrested and sent to jail.

Along with strengthening the hands of medical officers, the work of Asha Bahu and Asha Sangini is to perform their responsibility well in the role of proper delivery of pregnant women, but in spite of this it is seen that for the sake of some money, the same Asha Bahu or Asha Sangini takes pregnant women to private nursing homes for delivery due to personal interest.

Asha Sangini and Asha daughter-in-law have been deployed for the betterment of pregnant women in the sequence of arrangements made by the Health Department. The work of Asha Bahu starts from the beginning of vaccination till the delivery from the period of 3 months after the information about the pregnant woman comes to the fore. 600 is provided by the government to an Asha Bahu in lieu of delivery of a pregnant woman in any government hospital. While the work of Asha Sanigis is to monitor the work of Asha daughters-in-law. An Asha Bahu is posted in a village with a population of one thousand. Every month, the health department provides incentive amount of 2000 state government and 1500 central government to Asha daughters-in-law. While Asha provides 7200 state and 1500 central government incentive amount per month to the companions. Monitoring of 10 to 20 Asha daughters-in-law is done under one Asha Sangini. Despite this, such reports keep coming to the fore that Asha is daughter-in-law or Asha’s consort brings pregnant women to private nursing homes for delivery, after which hue and cry becomes a common thing.

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