Gudha’s ‘Red Diary’ created ruckus in Rajasthan politics, read what are the secrets hidden in it…

By Priyanka Tiwari July 24, 2023 5:09 PM IST


Earthquake came in the politics of Rajasthan
Sacked minister Rajendra Gudha’s red diary threat
Ruckus in Rajasthan Legislative Assembly over Lal Diary

Jaipur. The red diary of Rajendra Gudha, MLA of Udaipurwati assembly constituency of Jhunjhunu district, who was sacked from the Gehlot cabinet, created ruckus in the assembly today. Former minister Rajendra Gudha, who reached the assembly for the first time on Monday after being sacked from the post of minister on Friday, had arrived with a red diary. They wanted to put it on the table of the House but the Speaker did not allow it to happen. On this, there was a heated argument with Gudha’s speaker Dr. CP Joshi.

After that there was an uproar and the situation worsened. It even came to a scuffle. Gudha alleges that the speaker of the assembly snatched the red diary from his hand. In view of the uproar, Gudha was later thrown out of the house through marshal. This increased the uproar. Meanwhile, the BJP, which was already showing sympathy towards Gudha, completely came down in his favor. The BJP accused the government of suppressing the voice of the MLAs.

Gudha said that there is a complete raw list of transactions in the diary.
On the other hand, Rajendra Singh Gudha said that he has been misbehaved with. Gehlot supporters beat him up and kicked him in the assembly. He wanted to keep the red diary on the table of the House. Gudha said that the copy of the diary is still with him. They will disclose this diary to the public. According to Gudha, in this red diary, there is a complete raw sheet of the transactions that took place in the Rajya Sabha elections. This diary has been written by Dharmendra Rathore. He has also made allegations regarding the Ajmer blackmail case.

Gudha had made a statement against his own government in the House.
It is notable that Rajendra Gudha has been openly besieging his own government for a long time. Last Friday, during the discussion on Manipur violence in the House of Assembly, he again gave a statement against his own Gehlot government. Gudha said that what has happened in Manipur is wrong but atrocities on women are increasing in Rajasthan too. First, the Rajasthan government should also look into its own backyard.

Gudha was sacked from the cabinet after the statement
There was an uproar after this statement of Rajendra Gudha. Then on Friday night itself, Gudha was sacked from the cabinet. BJP had termed this step of the government as a step to suppress the voice of the MLA. Then Gudha said that he has a red diary. There are many secrets hidden in it. He will present this diary in the House. Gudha had reached the House on Monday with the same red diary and then there was a ruckus there.

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