Rajasthan Assembly: Sacked minister Rajendra Gudha clashed in the house, scuffle ensued, proceedings adjourned

By Priyanka Tiwari July 24, 2023 2:02 PM IST

Sudhir Sharma.

Jaipur. Minister Rajendra Gudha, who was sacked from the Ashok Gehlot cabinet, clashed with the speaker in the assembly today. He reached the assembly with a red diary. He had a heated argument with his speaker Dr. CP Joshi regarding Lal Diary. After that there was a huge uproar in the house. After the uproar, there was a scuffle in the House. This made the atmosphere tense. Seeing the situation getting worse, Marshal later threw Gudha out of the House. Due to this, he got angry. Due to the uproar, the proceedings of the assembly were adjourned.

Sacked minister Rajendra Gudha said that I was accused of collusion with BJP. I saved this lame government. I voted for him in the Rajya Sabha elections. In 2008 and 2018, I formed the Congress government. The red diary was taken away from me. Congress MLAs attacked me. I was punched. Congress ministers dragged me out. We supported Gehlot after seeing his face. Showing the red diary, Gudha said that half of the diary was taken away. I still have half the secrets in this diary.

I’m ready to make any sacrifice
Gudha said when the time comes, I will reveal. I am ready to make any sacrifice. Get narco test done for Congress ministers. I am also ready for the narco test. Gudha said, I will go among the public. I will not apologize. Put him in jail. I will fight for my sisters like a brother. I will disclose further what was given to which MLA.

The marshals did not evict the ministers and MLAs of the government.
Sacked minister Gudha said, not the marshals, but the ministers and MLAs of the government took me out. False cases were filed against me. I was accused of kidnapping. If I am arrested, Congress people will stop coming out on the streets. I wanted to put the diary on the table of the House. I was not allowed to do the diary table.


FIRST PUBLISHED : July 24, 2023