Even after floods in the rivers, the canal-beds are dry, increasing the trouble of paddy farmers, they are irrigating with diesel pumps

By Priyanka Tiwari July 24, 2023 1:43 PM IST

Rivers are in spate in many areas of the country. The cities of the cities are submerged. Vehicles, houses, goods and animals are seen flowing on the roads. It may sound strange that villages around most of the flood affected cities are facing drought. The Bombays and Rajwahes of the village are dry. Farmers are trying unsuccessfully to save crops by irrigating fields with diesel pumps. The question arises that what is the matter after all, when the rivers are overflowing then why Bombay and Rajwahe are dry.

The increase in Yamuna in Delhi has created hue and cry in the capital. The boom of Yamuna is not only in Delhi but later on Mathura and Agra are also in its grip. Talking about Mathura, the water of Yamuna has entered the streets of Vrindavan and Mathura. Water has reached Banke Bihari temple in Vrindavan. This picture is of the cities of Mathura, but if we visit the villages of Mathura, the farmers here are yearning for every drop of water. Here, due to non-availability of water in canals and reservoirs, the crisis of paddy irrigation has arisen. Farmers are gazing at the sky. There is neither water in the sky nor in the rivers. To save the crop, farmers are irrigating with diesel pumps, but the question is whether paddy can be grown on the basis of irrigation with diesel pumps.

In Mukhrai village of Mathura district, many farmers have sown paddy saplings twice. Due to strong heat and lack of water, the plants are not able to get established in the fields. The water applied by diesel pumps vanishes in two days and the land becomes dry again. Some farmers have sat down patiently. Many farmers here have run tractors on paddy plants. Farmer Harimohan says that diesel is costing around Rs.100 a litre. Paddy cannot be grown depending on diesel.

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Some farmers have appealed to the local MLA that arrangements should be made to release water into the canal and rajwahs. But empty assurances are being received.

This is not the condition of Mukhrai village alone. All the surrounding villages including Julhaidi, Basauti, Ading, Palai are facing drought. In the morning and evening, the farmers only talk about saving paddy somehow. Farmers are also surprised that when there is flood in Yamunaji, then why its water is not being released in the canals and rivers.

On the other hand, the figures of the Meteorological Department also say that 221 districts of the country are facing drought. Till June 20, 20-70 per cent less rainfall has been recorded in these districts.

Still waiting for compensation
The farmer is stumbling at every step. Last year, the farmer was badly ruined by the unseasonal rains at the time of paddy harvesting. If we talk about Mathura district, a large amount of paddy crop of the farmers was destroyed here. Wheat sowing was delayed in November-December due to standing water in the fields. Farmers of Mukhrai village tell that a team had come from the insurance agency, survey was done, and collection was also done from every farmer. It was assured that compensation would be received soon. Apart from the compensation, the extortion money has also gone away.

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