This new eye disease is spreading rapidly in Delhi, are you also facing these problems?

By Priyanka Tiwari July 24, 2023 1:20 PM IST

New Delhi. After floods, rains, water logging and humidity in Delhi-NCR, now infectious diseases have started spreading. After fever, cold, vomiting and diarrhoea, now the problem of red eyes (conjunctivitis) has increased in people, especially in children. The number of people suffering from itching, burning etc. in the eyes has suddenly started increasing in the Eye Hospitals. Doctors say that every third or fourth person is suffering from conjunctivitis among those who come for eye problems. Explain that this infectious disease spreads due to humidity and moisture. It spreads in front of the eyes of an infected person, by the towel, handkerchief or other cloth used by him in the house or by the dirt of the hand.

For the last few days, the infection of conjunctivitis has increased in other parts of the country including Delhi. The number of patients has increased in many hospitals including Delhi Government’s Guru Nanak Eye Center. If doctors are to be believed, these are the consequences of the side effects of floods caused by heavy rains in Delhi-NCR. For this reason, a large number of people are reaching hospitals with the problem of conjunctivitis. Doctors say that the eyes have a thin transparent membrane, the conjunctiva, which covers the inside of our eyelids and the white part of the pupil of the eye. Inflammation or getting infected in this is called conjunctivitis or conjunctivitis.

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According to the doctors, the number of daily eye patients has now increased by 50-60 percent as compared to earlier.-Image-Canva

how to prevent eye infection
If doctors are to be believed, now the number of daily eye patients has increased by 50-60 per cent as compared to earlier. Dr. SN Jha, senior eye surgeon of Delhi’s Ganga Ram Hospital, says, ‘Conjunctivitis patients have increased in the last few days. Especially children are suffering more from this. The main symptoms of this disease are redness of the eye, itching in one or both the eyes, abnormal tears coming out of the eye, swelling. If such problems are coming in the eyes, then the advice of doctors should be taken immediately. Generally, the cases of conjunctivitis increase in rain and summer. This disease can be avoided by taking some precautions. This disease is contagious and can spread to others very quickly. In some cases, eyesight can also go away.

what do doctors say
Generally, the risk of this infection is highest due to adenovirus. The same virus can also increase the risk of common cold and upper respiratory tract infections. The risk of this problem can also be high due to floods. Professor Naresh Kumar, a doctor working in the Department of Medicine at LNJP Hospital, says, ‘Due to floods and contaminated water in Delhi, the risk of growth of many types of bacteria has increased in the last few days. There is also a risk of eye infection due to some of these. There is not only the risk of stomach infection or mosquito-borne diseases due to floods, but it can also increase the risks of many other types of health problems.

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To protect the eyes, do not stay in front of the computer screen for too long. (Image credit: Canva)

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You can easily identify the symptoms of conjunctivitis. You are at a higher risk of developing redness, itching, gritty feeling in the eyes, problems with discharge in one or both eyes, or sensitivity to light due to this. According to the doctor, it is very important to keep taking care of the eyes during this time. For this, it is necessary to take special care of the cleanliness of the eyes, do not touch the eyes again and again, keep washing the hands continuously, use a clean towel, do not share this towel with anyone, reduce the use of eye cosmetics for a few days.

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