Sonu Sood again became an angel for the innocent of Bihar, called Gulshan without eyes to Mumbai

By Shalini Bhardwaj July 25, 2023 5:54 PM IST

Nawada. Renowned actor Sonu Sood is once again proving to be the messiah and helper for a poor family in Bihar. The matter is related to Nawada, where Sonu Sood has announced to get treatment for a child deprived of eyesight since birth. After Chahumukhi, once again actor Sonu will prove to be the Messiah for Nawada’s Gulshan. Once again he has won everyone’s heart with his generosity. If everything goes well, Gulshan, who has not been able to see with both eyes since birth, will now be able to see the world.

Gulshan cannot see with both his eyes since birth, whose touching story went viral on social media a few days back. After seeing this, Sonu Sood has announced for his treatment. The actor has announced the treatment of the child with his Twitter handle. Innocent Gulshan’s both eyes are closed since birth. Now Sonu Sood has become a new ray of hope for this child. If everything goes well after treatment, 11-month-old Gulshan will be able to see the world with his own eyes.

Sonu Sood will get Gulshan’s eyes treated in Mumbai. Sonu Sood has sent an invitation to Gulshan’s father Rajesh Chauhan and mother Kiran Devi to come to Mumbai with the innocent. Tweeting from his Twitter handle, actor Sonu Sood wrote that “Come on son Gulshan, it’s time for treatment, now see the world with your eyes.”

After this announcement of Sonu Sood, there is an atmosphere of happiness in the whole village. Everyone is happy to hear about the cure and are congratulating Sonu Sood a lot for this. Gulshan’s parents are very poor and they do not have money for the treatment of their child, so they are very happy with this announcement. Similarly, Sonu Sood had also treated Chahumukhi, a resident of Hemda of Warsaliganj in the district. Chahumukhi had 4 legs and arms since birth, due to which she could not walk.