The pain of ‘Hina’ spilled after 26 years, Pakistani singer’s first wife, said- ‘I was in shock, for the son…’

By Shalini Bhardwaj July 25, 2023 3:23 PM IST

New Delhi. Zeba Bakhtiar is a popular Pakistani television and film actress, who made her name in Bollywood film industry. People do not know her by the name of Jeba Bakhtiar but by the name of Hina. Bollywood’s Hina appeared on screen in 1991 in Randhir Kapoor’s directorial venture ‘Hina’. After this she did some Bollywood films, but after some time this actress disappeared from Bollywood. This missing actress suddenly came into limelight when she married a Pakistani singer. But he got only pain from this marriage.

‘Main Hoon Khushrang Heena…’ This song was a big hit in those days. The real life of Zeba, who won the hearts of people with her performance, was not happy but ugly. Even after everything, he did not get love. Pakistani singers who were 9 years younger were enthralled to see him. Got married, but even this marriage only brought pain. He has recently expressed the pain of his divorce that took place 26 years ago.

Adnan Sami’s ex wife Zeba
In a recent interview, Jeba spoke openly about his relationship with singer Adnan Sami. She said that after marrying Adnan Sami, she did not want to continue her career in acting. She wanted to work in the field of production before writing, but after marriage, her focus became completely focused on the family. This couple had a son Azaan and very soon both of them got divorced from each other.

Fought an 18-month battle for son’s custody
Jeba further said, ‘After marriage, my mind was not in my control, I was working because I had to be in the competition. I faced a lot of problems which I do not remember but I am happy that I got back the support of Azaan. I fought this custody battle for 18 months.

worked in london
He told that I was not working during that time. Then my friends told me to work for myself. There was a friend who was doing a serial in England and I joined the same show. I went to London for a few months to shoot it.

I also wanted to save the relationship but…
Jeba told how her marriage with Adnan Sami was difficult. The actress said that she tried everything possible to save the marriage. He said, ‘No woman ever breaks a marriage because she doesn’t want to break it until she reaches a point…you know, a point where you can’t go beyond that. When you absolutely have to. He said that I also tried a lot, did everything that I could do to save the relationship, but then it happened, which had to happen.

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