Mother Prakash Kaur got angry seeing Bobby Deol in ‘Ashram’, scolded her, Dharmendra also said this to his son

By Shalini Bhardwaj July 25, 2023 1:30 PM IST

Mumbai. Bobby Deol was a top actor in the 90s. He competed with many big artists of that era. But not a single film of his worked in the 2000s. In the year 2013, he took a long break and made a comeback in the year 2017 with ‘Poster Boys’. This film did not work. But liked his performance in the next year’s ‘Race 3’. In the year 2020, his performance in the OTT original ‘Class of 83’ was appreciated. With his digital debut web series ‘Ashram’, which came this year, he got a lot of love and support not only from the critics but also from the audience.

So far three seasons of the ashram have come. Fans are eagerly waiting for its fourth season. In the series, Bobby Deol has played the character of Baba Nirala, in the beginning of the first season, he appears to be a hero with a clean image, but gradually his gray shades appear and in the last, the black shades of his character appear. Overall, Bobby Deol is playing the role of a villain in the series.

The audience liked Bobby Deol in the character of Nirala Baba. Due to this, a big fanbase of Bobby was also created. There was a sudden increase in followers on his social media as well. But this character of his mother and Dharmendra’s first wife Prakash Kaur Bobby Deol was not liked at all. For this, he also scolded Bobby a lot.

Mother Prakash Kaur scolded Bobby Deol

This was revealed by Bobby Deol in an interview. He had said, “When I reached home after the release of the series, my mother got angry. As soon as he came in front, he said that what kind of role have you played. How did you manage to play this role?” Bobby also told that even though the mother scolded her, she was happy with the praise she got for the character. He said, “Which mother would like to see her child as a villain.”

Dharmendra gave such reactions to Bobby Deol

At the same time, Bobby Deol had also told the reaction of father Dharmendra. He told that when he met him, he asked about the character of Baba Nirala. On which Dharmendra said that he liked this character and he also wanted to do such a different character. Bobby told that the father had said, “I know that you are a good actor, I also wanted to do a different role.”

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