Video: Gunjan Singh’s Bol Bomb Song ‘Bhola Ji Deto Jode Lalanwa Bhauji’ released, instead of devotion to Shiva, fun was seen

By Shalini Bhardwaj July 25, 2023 12:57 PM IST

#Video | #Gunjan Singh | #bolbam song | Bhola ji deto couple Lalanwa Bhauji. Maghi Bolbam Song: The new generation superstar of Bhojpuri music industry, Gunjan Singh has become the Bol Bum Song ‘Bhola Ji Deto Jode Lalanwa Bhauji’ and with the release of this song, it is emerging as the choice of Shiva devotees. Gunjan Singh’s new song has been released from his official YouTube channel, which has crossed the figure of lakhs of views in no time. Let us tell you that these days the hangover of Sawan is on the heads of Shiva devotees, in which the role of music is also important.

Regarding the song ‘Bhola Ji Deto Jode Lalanwa Bhauji’, Gunjan Singh told that ‘this song of ours is dedicated at the feet of Bhole Baba. Through this song, we have mentioned the wishes that are fulfilled after worshiping Lord Shiva. Everyone’s salvation is possible only by devotion to God with unwavering faith and faith. He told that his song is a dialogue between sister-in-law and brother-in-law about the worship of Lord Bholenath, which is very entertaining for the devotees as well as for the people who like Bhojpuri music. Gunjan Singh said that my attachment to this song is also very strong. That’s why I would request all the listeners to make this song of mine very viral so that with your blessings we will be inspired to come up with more entertainment filled songs for you.

Even though Gunjan Singh is saying that his new song is devotional, but looking at the video, it would not seem so at all, because both the stars are seen having fun in it. All the actors are seen dancing and dancing. Let us tell you that the lyricist of Gunjan Singh’s Bol Bam special song ‘Bhola Ji Deto Jode Lalanwa Bhauji’ is Aman Albela while the composer is Pappu Bhai. Ankit Ahir is the mixer and master of this song. The director is Aryan Dev, special cooperation has been received from Tushar Singh. Kashish Singh is seen in the music video of this wonderful Shiv Bhakti song. Rakesh Singh Maru has conceptualized this unique song. The video has not received any specific views.

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