Sunil Grover sets up a corn cart in the pouring rain, but the twist opens in the video, shocking is the surprise of ‘Famous Gulati’

By Shalini Bhardwaj July 24, 2023 10:24 PM IST

Mumbai. You must remember the famous Gulati of The Kapil Sharma Show. Famous Gulati i.e. Sunil Grover has been seen doing different business after leaving the show. Pictures of Sunil Grover selling vegetables were also very popular on social media.

Now Sunil Grover has once again been seen doing new work. A video of Sunil Grover is viral on social media. In which Sunil is seen selling corn on the roadside in the pouring rain. Sunil has shared this video from his Instagram account only. However, Sunil Grover has also revealed a twist with this video. Now this can be a surprise for Sunil’s fans.

The twist is hidden in the caption of the video!
In the caption of the video, Sunil Grover wrote that ‘preparing for a new mission’. In the video, Sunil Grover is struggling to light a fire while sitting on a roadside cob cart. This video of strong wind is viral on social media. At the end of the video, Sunil Grover gets down from the handcart and wears glasses with a mask. Now according to the caption, some fans guessed that this could be Sunil Grover’s new film. In which Sunil is going to play a similar character. However, this has not been confirmed by Sunil Grover yet.

Now Sunil Grover does the best character in films
Sunil Grover worked on TV for a long time. By playing the character of Gutthi and Dr. Mashoor Gulati, she won a lot of accolades. Sunil Grover is working in films after leaving the Kapil Sharma show. Sunil Grover played the best character of Pandit ji in Amitabh Bachchan starrer film ‘Goodboy’ which was recently released on Netflix. Even in this small character, Sunil Grover had won the hearts of people with his acting. After the Kapil Sharma show, Sunil Grover has worked in films like Pataakha, Bharat. Along with this, Sunil Grover also worked with Saif Ali Khan in the OTT series Tandav.

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