Falak Naaz is in a relationship with Avinash Sachdev! Openly talked about his close relationship, told the truth himself

By Shalini Bhardwaj July 24, 2023 7:11 PM IST

Mumbai. Bigg Boss OTT Season-2 is in a lot of headlines these days. Last week, Falak Naaz had to see his way out of the show. After being evicted from the show, Falak Naaz spoke openly about her relationship with Avinash Sachdev. Falak Naaz told in an interview to News18 that ‘I share a special bond with Avinash. I will not deny it.

I have never given any such hint that it seems that there is some romance going on between us. We both care a lot for each other. Other people have also been giving a lot of love to our relationship. If it was a lie and a show, then it would have been clearly visible. I requested Avinash and he also respected my feelings. I take my family responsibilities very seriously and I want to travel the world on my own. Avinash also respects this feeling of mine.

Nominated by friends
Falak Naaz was nominated by the contestants present in the house. Later he showed Falak the way out. Falak also talked about going out of the show and told that Avinash is also very sad about it. Falak told, ‘There is no doubt that a good bonding between us will continue even further. I also know that Avinash is very sad because of my exit. Now Avinash is also left alone in the house. I get very sad seeing her alone at home. I just think that I wish I could tell him to go and play his game. But in such a situation all this is not possible.

The buzz is Bigg Boss OTT Season-2
‘Bigg Boss OTT 2’ has completed almost 2 weeks. In these days, many contestants have had to see the way out of the show. In the first two weeks, Alia Siddiqui, Puneet Superstar and Palak had to go out of the house. Along with this, Cyrus Broacha has also dropped out of the show due to his family emergency. Along with this, new contestants have also taken entry in the show. Elvish Yadav and Aashika Bhatia have also entered the show under wild card entry.

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