Brother and sister fraudulently grabbed the land, how will they get the possession back? Keep these important documents with you to prove ownership

By Sudhakar Yadav July 25, 2023 6:57 PM IST


Wrongly signing the property sale deed is considered a crime.
To get back the land, file a case in the civil court for cancellation of the contract letter.
On forcibly grabbing the land, the victim can file a report in the police station.

Property Knowledge: Property dispute is the problem of every household. Sometimes there are quarrels between brothers and sometimes between brothers and sisters for property. Many times it happens when family members cheat and grab the property of their loved ones. In the coming days, many people file cases regarding the land dispute in the police station and the court. Do you know what to do to get back the land grabbed by illegal occupation, encroachment and fraud?

Wrongfully grabbed property by a family member or any other person can be recovered, but for this legal process has to be resorted to. At the same time, in order to prove the ownership of the property or land, you should always have some important documents with you.

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Where and how to complain?
Grabbing land by cheating or misleading means that you were wrongly made to sign the property sale deed. If the registry of the usurped land has also been done, then immediately file an objection with the registrar and apply for cancellation of registration. On the other hand, if the registration has not been done, then request not to be registered. File a case for cancellation of contract letter in civil court to get back the land.

In which sections the case will be registered
A case is made under section 420 of the IPC for taking land or property by wrongful or fraudulent means. If a person has been evicted from his property by intimidation or has been cheated, then the aggrieved person can file a report in the police station under this section. For information and settlement of any kind of matters related to land dispute, a person can go to District Court, Sub Registrar Office, Land Records Department and Nagar Panchayat or Municipality.

To prove ownership of any land, you must have registry documents, Khatauni, account number and transfer order. Registry is most important in this which certifies the real owner of the property. However, it is better that you always take the help of a legal advisor to resolve any dispute related to land purchase or related matters.

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