IMF claims – India will be the second largest economy by 2075, the name of the country that will leave behind Japan-Germany

By Sudhakar Yadav July 25, 2023 4:02 PM IST


In terms of GDP, the world’s 2 largest countries will be from Asia only.
By 2075, the size of the Indian economy can reach 52.5 trillion dollars.
By 2075, America’s GDP can reach 51.5 trillion dollars.

New Delhi. The world’s most prestigious institution like the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has also accepted that the time to come will belong to Asian countries. In terms of GDP, the world’s 2 largest countries will be from Asia only. The IMF has predicted that by the year 2075, China will be the world’s largest economy, while India will reach the second position in this matter.

According to the data released by the IMF, India’s GDP in the year 2023 is 3.737 trillion dollars, which will increase to 5.5 trillion dollars by the year 2028. Not only this, in the next 4 decades i.e. by the year 2075, the size of the Indian economy can increase to 52.5 trillion dollars. China will be just a little ahead of India in this matter. According to the IMF, China’s GDP at present is $19.374 trillion, which can reach $27.4 trillion by 2028 and $57 trillion by 2075.

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America on the third position, everyone else is far behind
The IMF has said that America’s economy will slow down during this period and despite being in the first place, it will slide down to the third position. America’s GDP in 2023 is $ 26.855 trillion, while it can reach $ 32.3 trillion by 2028 and $ 51.5 trillion by 2075.

Germany-Japan-UK-France Nigeria at the forefront
The IMF told the most surprising thing that the countries currently occupying the third, fourth, sixth and seventh positions will go backward in terms of GDP. Indonesia will reach the fourth position. In 2023, Indonesia’s GDP will be 2 trillion dollars, which will remain limited to 2 trillion dollars till 2028, but by 2075 it will reach 13.7 trillion dollars. Similarly, Nigeria’s GDP which is only $0.5 trillion in 2023 and is still lagging behind, will reach 5th position with $0.9 trillion in 2028 and $13.1 trillion by 2075.

Rest of Europe-America countries are far behind
The South American country Brazil will reach the 6th position in terms of GDP by the year 2075 with $8.7 trillion. In 2028, it can reach 2.7 trillion dollars, which is currently 2.08 trillion dollars. Germany’s GDP will also increase from $ 4.309 trillion by 2023 to $ 8.1 trillion by 207 and will be at the 7th position. By 2075 Britain will be the 8th largest economy. Its GDP in 2023 is $3.159 trillion, which will reach $4.2 trillion by 2028 and $7.6 trillion by 2075.

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According to IMF, Japan’s economy will remain at the 9th position. Its GDP in 2023 is 4.410 lakh crore, which can be 5.3 lakh crore in 2028 and 7.5 lakh crore by 2075. The GDP of Russia will be on the 10th position and France on the 11th. By 2075, Russia will be a country with an economy of 6.9 trillion dollars and France with an economy of 6.5 trillion dollars.

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