Sana, Lisa, Soundarya and Maya can work for 24 hours! Always ready, does not take salary, does not rest

By Sudhakar Yadav July 25, 2023 8:02 AM IST


Artificial intelligence chatbots are being used in newsrooms around the world.
Many media houses from India and abroad have launched AI anchors.
AI anchors have been launched in many languages ​​in India as well.

AI Anchor in News Rooms: Since the advent of ChatGPT, artificial intelligence has started being used in newsrooms as well. A research has revealed that AI chatbots like ChatGPT are being used in almost half of the newsrooms all over the world. The World Association of Publishers conducted a poll on media workers. In this poll, 49 percent of the respondents said that artificial intelligence is being used in their newsrooms.

In the past, many media houses of the country and the world launched AI anchors. Who is saying what, how he is speaking, in what context, an AI anchor is trained from such data and using his training, he engages in conversation with people along with reading the news. If the matter has come out, let us tell you that AI anchors were first launched by China’s Xinhua news agency in the whole world. In the year 2018, two AI anchors used to read news on this news channel. Let’s talk about AI anchors launched in recent times-

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Sanaa, India (Hindi)
Sana was launched at the India Today Conclave. Sana reads news in Aaj Tak and also answers questions from the audience in live sessions. Sana also gives weather updates on channel and youtube channel.

Lisa, India (Odia)
Lisa is the first AI news anchor in Odia language. Odisha’s news channel OTV reads news in English and Odia language. OTV said that for the time being Lisa will focus on English and Odia language, but Lisa can speak in other Indian languages ​​as well. Lisa has been given a traditional Odia woman’s outfit.

Soundarya, India (Kannada)
Power TV of Karnataka had introduced Soundarya as the first AI anchor of South India. In her first show, Soundarya talked about the effect of AI in TV news.

Maya, India (Telugu)
Big TV Telugu introduced Maya as the first Telugu AI anchor. Introducing herself at the launch, Maya had said, “I am not a human like you, in a way I am part of a magic, technology has made me, Big TV has named me Maya.”

News channels are experimenting with AI. These anchors are immune to fatigue and salary pain like humans. But the biggest challenge with AI at the moment is that there is a danger of spreading wrong information from them. As long as AI anchors anchor fixed programming, in which producers package the programme, there is no risk of spreading miss information from AI. However, this risk cannot be ignored in live question and answer.

At the same time, the second danger is that of losing people’s jobs due to AI, which is being discussed since the advent of ChatGPT. By the way, the media organizations that have launched these anchors have made their social media profiles well, in which life updates of these anchors are posted just like real humans.

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