4 small forests will be built on this highway in the country, a unique experiment is going to happen, this project is being built at a cost of 9,000 crores

By Sudhakar Yadav July 24, 2023 5:31 PM IST


Miyawaki technique will be used to promote greenery on National Highway-48.
Through this technique, 4 small forests will be developed on the highway.
Dwarka Expressway is being built at a cost of about Rs 9,000 crore.

New Delhi. In the construction of expressways and highways in the country, the government is making unique experiments for the purpose of providing various facilities to the passengers. In this episode, now 4 small forests through Miyawaki technique to promote greenery on National Highway-48 (Mini Amazon) will be developed. National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) President Santosh Kumar Yadav has given information about this.

During the inspection of the expressway on Saturday, he said that with the commencement of the Dwarka Expressway, the Indira Gandhi International Airport in Gurugram and Delhi will be accessible. (IGI) There will be improvement in communication between The project will have tunnels, underpasses, flyovers and flyovers over flyovers.

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what is miyawaki technique
The Miyawaki technique is a method of growing forests in a small space, in which emphasis is placed on local species of plants. The Miyawaki Method is a Japanese technique of planting trees, developed by the famous Japanese botanist Akira Miyawaki. By using this method, the empty space around the houses can be converted into small gardens or forests. In this method, plants are planted at less distance from each other.

The construction work of the Dwarka Expressway being prepared to connect Mahipalpur to Kherki Daula in Gurugram is in the last stage. For this expressway, 4 small forests will be developed on the clover leave to be built on NH-48 from Bajgheda.

The Miyawaki technique has gained worldwide popularity due to its effectiveness in restoring degraded land, sequestering carbon, promoting biodiversity, and creating green spaces in urban areas. This technique has been adopted to restore ecosystems and increase forest cover in various countries and for their redevelopment projects.

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The construction of Dwarka Expressway has reached the final stage to connect Mahipalpur in national capital Delhi with Kherki Daula located on NH-48 in Gurugram. Dwarka Expressway is being built at a cost of about Rs 9,000 crore. 18.9 km of this road is in Haryana and 10.1 km is in Delhi.

Benefits of forest grown by Miyawaki technique

Biodiversity- This method involves planting a variety of native plant species in a small area, thereby ensuring greater biodiversity within the forest. This diversity leads to the formation of a complex and stable ecosystem, which provides habitat for a variety of wildlife species.

Plantation around In this technique, trees and plants are planted intensively in an area, due to which the forest gets established quickly.

layered vegetation This technique promotes the growth of different layers of vegetation, such as tall trees, sub-canopy trees, shrubs and ground cover plants, etc.

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