This number is of great use, call immediately in case of fraud, your money will be saved from going into the hands of criminals

By Sudhakar Yadav July 24, 2023 5:08 PM IST


B.Tech engineer cheated 10 lakh by pretending to be a bank employee.
When the victim immediately informed the bank, 8 lakhs were saved.
The four accused were caught by the Bhopal police.

Online Scam: Online scammers have now become so advanced that they will call and talk to you in such a way that you will not be able to live without believing them. These thugs are not only expert in twisting things, but also have a good understanding of technology. In the latest case, a B.Tech engineer from Bihar duped a dentist from Bhopal by trapping him in his trap.

Bhopal police has arrested 4 accused including BTech engineer from Bihar. These accused called a dentist from Bhopal posing as a bank employee and taking the dentist under their guise, the accused confirmed his account details. After this, after taking OTP from him, he changed the password of his bank account and then withdrew Rs 10 lakh from his account. The dentist immediately informed the police and the bank about the incident. The bank had frozen Rs 8 lakh out of the 10 transferred from the account.

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what was the modus operandi
The incident is of June, the main accused is a B.Tech engineer. He called the dentist and introduced himself as a customer care executive of HDFC Bank. According to Dainik Bhaskar’s report, the main accused used to read news related to cybercrimes in detail. He used to see what mistakes the Victim made in different incidents, on the basis of which he used to call other Victims. According to the report, four people are involved in this gang.

The name of the main accused is Faizan Ali, besides him Bikesh Kumar, Deepak Thakur and Deepak Kumar were involved in this cyber crime. Of these, Deepak Thakur is doing BBA, while Deepak Kumar is an engineering student. According to the report, the accused Faizan has bought a new bike with two lakh rupees withdrawn from the dentist’s account in Bhopal.

What is the way to avoid online fraud?
No bank or government organization asks you for the OTP received on your account. Be careful if you get such a call. Do not give your account details and OTP to anyone under any circumstances.

If by mistake you become a victim of cyber fraud, immediately register a complaint by calling 1930, so that the amount deducted from your account can be frozen.

In case of any account related issues, either approach the bank directly or lodge a complaint on their portal by logging in yourself, do not ask anyone else to lodge a complaint on your behalf. Resolve your complaint by calling on the number given on the official website of the bank.

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