Listened to taunts but did not give up, mortgaged jewelry, started work by roaming around on bicycle, today owner of 3 crore company

By Sudhakar Yadav July 24, 2023 3:37 PM IST


Seeing a shop making candy wrapping boxes, I thought of starting a business.
Took two loans of Rs 35 lakh and Rs 50 lakh and started a factory.
Sangeeta Pandey’s business venture has provided employment to more than 100 women.

Success Story: Lakhs of women entrepreneurs in the country have hoisted the flag of their success despite all the challenges. There are discussions of many Indian women entrepreneurs and working women from the country to abroad and these women are taking command of big companies. You have seen women progressing in big cities but we are going to tell the story of struggle and success of a woman entrepreneur living in a small town. The success story of Sangeeta Pandey of Gorakhpur is an example for crores of women living in villages and cities.

Despite limited resources and opposition, Sangeeta Pandey managed to grow her business and started with Rs 1500 to build a Rs 3 crore company. 10 years ago, Sangeeta took up a job for Rs 4,000 a month to supplement her family’s fluctuating income. During this, she used to go to office with her 9-month-old child.

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quit job and started business
According to the DNA report, many people in the office objected to Sangeeta bringing her child along. People said that he should take care of his daughter, not work. The next day Sangeeta Pandey resigned from the job. After this Sangeeta saw a shop making candy wrapping boxes, then she thought of starting her own business.

What was it then that Sangeeta Pandey decided to become a woman entrepreneur. To start her business, she rode a ranger cycle and roamed around her house in search of raw materials and talked to traders in the market. Sangeeta Pandey made 100 boxes with the material she bought in 8 hours.

The goods were not sold, then the jewelry was mortgaged
However, the boxes made by Sangeeta did not sell much, because these items were available in the market at a lower price than the boxes made by her. Then someone told Sangeeta that raw material is cheap in Lucknow. After this, Sangeeta Pandey planned to bring raw material from outside, but it was not so easy, because for this she needed more money.

For this, Sangeeta mortgaged her gold necklace for Rs 3 lakh and with this money she ordered a truck full of raw material from Lucknow. Due to the low cost of goods, there was a lot of improvement in the business and their business started growing rapidly. After this Sangeeta took two loans of Rs 35 lakh and Rs 50 lakh and started a factory.

More than 100 women have got employment from this business venture of Sangeeta Pandey. His company’s clients include Purvanchal stores as well as pizzerias, bakeries and confectioners. She takes her background into account and helps women who are in similar situations to work from home.

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