Elon Musk will be rich at his home, Indian government will not bow down under influence! then gave a blunt answer

By Sudhakar Yadav July 24, 2023 2:01 PM IST


Government of India is running PLI for auto sector.
Tesla will also get the same facilities as other companies.
Tesla had demanded to reduce import duty on electric vehicles.

New Delhi. Elon Musk’s company Tesla will not get special treatment in India for making electric cars. The company will be given the same facilities that are being given to other electric vehicle manufacturers. The government is already running incentive schemes to promote electric vehicles in India. The government has made it clear that if Tesla sets up its plant in India, it will be given the same facilities.

Government of India has taken many important steps to make India’s carbon emission net zero. Under this, the government is promoting electric vehicles. The government is also preparing infrastructure for electric vehicles. To promote manufacturing, the government is also running a production linked incentive scheme for battery cell and vehicle manufacturers. About 26 thousand crore rupees have been allocated for this. The government says that the policy will remain the same for all the manufacturing companies in India. The government will not give separate treatment to any company.

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What happened between Tesla and the Government of India?
The Government of India imposes custom duty ranging from 60 to 100 percent on imported vehicles. In the year 2021, Tesla had demanded that the Government of India should reduce the import duty on electric vehicles. On this, India had told Tesla that custom duty would not be reduced. India had asked Tesla to set up a manufacturing unit in India.

The Union Transport Minister had told in an interview that in conversation with Tesla officials, he had said that instead of making vehicles in China and selling them in India, manufacture them in India, sell them here and export them to other countries. He had said that the government will fully cooperate with the company in this. Tesla’s representatives came on a tour of India in June.

Elon Musk and PM Modi met during Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to America last month. After this meeting, Elon Musk had said that he is confident that Tesla will set up its manufacturing unit in India. He had said, ‘I do not want to make any announcement in a hurry, but there is every possibility of a significant investment and the beginning of a new relationship with India.’

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